Monday, October 26, 2015

Goody Goody Gumdrops - 2 MONTHS

Can you believe that I have been here in NY for almost 2 months now? I can't. Time is flying!!

Utica Uniques
---> all deserts right now have APPLE in them. I've had more apple crisp in the past month then I ever have before in my life. It's good though! haha
---> Leaves fall like snow here.
---> I fell into a ditch walking to a house ha!
---> Bicycle Bill. A man who uses the missionaries for service only. ha! He's a goon.
---> ALDI our grocery store was established by a GERMAN. No wonder it has a European feel to it. ha! 

Alright, so just a little heads up. I am going to try to shorten my emails justttt a little bit because 1. time issue and 2. to help ya'll out by not getting too bored with them. ;)


Alieanna gets baptized IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!! She is doing soooooo wellllll. She's been to church 3 or 4 times now and is reading more consistently in the Book of Mormon. She had been struggling with it and then this past week after we read with her we encouraged her to start reading more. She texted us the next day and told us she had read like 8 chapters getting her to 2 Nephi 9 and was planning to read more. She is a gem. Sister Thao and I say all the time we had more "Alieanna's" to teach. hahah we are on the hunt for them! 

NATE THE GREAT showed up to church yesterday!! He only came for Sunday School, but he still came when he totally didn't have to. It was a miracle. We got him introduced to Brother Mitchell and we have a dinner appointment set up with them this Thursday with Nate. It should be a good experience. :)

Church yesterday was seriously so good. We had Nate, Alieanna, and a couple Less Actives there. We tried getting Sister Sykora there, but she wasn't able to come.. maybe next week! 


President Rogers has really been stressing obedience. Sister Thao and I recommitted ourselves to be 100% white handbook missionaries. Especially by following the 6-9 proselyting time. It has not been so easy some nights... but we are definitely seeing miracles from it. We have also been trying out a new tactic. "STOP, PARK, and CHASE" hahahah so pretty much if we see someone on the side of the road that we feel would be a good contact we strategically pull over, park, and chase after them in a dignified manner. We have picked up a couple of new investigators by doing so. It's been awesome. I get the biggest adrenliene rush every time we do it. ha!


So pretty much the fullness of fall was a couple weeks ago.... There are still some trees with good color, but a lot have naked branches and are leave-less. So sad! No snow this week, but it's getting a lot colder... It's so dark too! I am loooking forward to next week and the time change...

I love being a missionary. I love talking to people about our faith and beliefs. There isn't anything that brings me more joy then that. 

This is our "Ponderize" verse for this week.

Ether 12:4

"Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety HOPE for a better world, yea even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, ALWAYS abounding in good works, being led to glorify God." (emphasis added) 

Have hope in His plan and in His word! I know that you will be blessed for doing so. 

Have a Spooky Spectacular last week of October! I love you all!

S laskou,
Sestra Fred 
​The mission home. We raked the front yard this morning... soo many leaves.....

Monday, October 19, 2015


Good evening from the New Hartford Libby!

We've had a bit of a weird schedule today. When went to lunch with Lily Cossey. She's a member. 18 years old and headed to BYU-I come December. Then Sister Mitchell, who had us over for General Conference (as I was typing that I almost typed Thanksgiving. hahah) took ALL of us missionaries (SEVEN) serving here in Utica shopping! She wanted to buy us winter gear since it is right around the corner. We went to Kohls and had blast together trying on hats and scarves. That Mitchell family is something else. We are SO spoiled and SO grateful for them and EVERYTHING they do for us. 

So, anyway, we've been in and out and I have sent off a few emails in between all of that. So Mom, Dad, don't worry. Everything is fine and I am doing just fine. :)

Utica Uniques
---> So I lied. Nice 'n Easy is more like the 711 and FastTrac is more like Maverick. ha ha\
---> There are A LOT of runners here! I think of you mom every time I see them!
---> We live at the Hillside Garden Apartments off of Oxford Rd. (Dad, Go ahead and google map it if you haven't already. ;))
--->Greens, Salt Potatoes, Tomatoe Pie and Chicken Riggies are all unique foods to this area of New York. I have tried 2 of the 4
---> Weather here is more bi-polar then Utah... 
---> We grocery shop at a store called ALDI. It reminds me of Billa and Tesco in Czech actually! We also have to use a quarter to use a cart there. 

Alright, it snowed this past weekend. Not okay. Saturday and Sunday we had snow flurries!!! It was soooo cold and soo crazy! We honestly couldn't believe it. I mean it is only the middle of October! As we drove to the mission home this morning to do our laundry (that's where we do it now, because Sister Fuhriman's dryer went out about a month ago) I admired the soccer field next to an elementary school that was dusted with frost. Quite beautiful, but just doesn't seem like it's supposed to be that time of the year already. The temperature said a whopping 39 degrees. Yikes. 

I forgot to mention how much it RAINED last week. We had a day where it literally rained for 24 hours. Even alllll through the night. It was crazy! I enjoyed it though. I've always been a fan of the rain. :)

The sun came out later today though and it was actually really pretty and nice. Still cold though! 

Sister Thao and I have been doing service at the New Hartford Libby! We've been doing it the past couple of weeks and last week we had the opportunity to help out at their annual Mini-Golf and bake sale. They had 18 holes that all had different themes, which were created by kids and families from the community. How cute is that?! I took lots of good pics so I'll send them your way. :) They were also selling this yummy smoked BBQ Chicken, like the real homegrown, down in the south stuff. hahah so we were outside helping with that. It was soooooooooo cooolllddddd that day. We had a lot of fun though. We had some people ask us about our names. One man giggled and said, "Well Sister is a funny first name" heheh It was cute. ALSO, I had a new opportunity to teach a POLISH man a little bit of the Restoration as well as about our church and the process of going on a mission and how we live as missionaries. He kept asking what we did in our private lives while we were here and was so confused when I would try to explain to him that we don't really have a "private life" when we are on a mission. He also was flabbergasted by the fact that we don't drink beer. haha! He was so funny. His name is Mark. He is Jewish and told me he won't change. So I gave him a Resto Pamphlet, Word of Wisdom pamphlet, our card with our number on it and sent him on his way. He said he wants to come to Utah to ski! So I told him he better come find me when he does. :) Kylee I thought of you the whole time I was talking with him! :)

We had stake conference this past weekend! It was fantastic! So many good things were said. We were a little bit late getting there Saturday evening due to picking up the Walk Elders. But justttt as we walked in and sat down the Sister that was speaking says, "When I was serving my mission in the Czech Republic..." WHAT! I just saw there and smiled knowing that Heavenly Father was just giving me another tender mercy and another tie to the CZ. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to speak with her after the meeting, but there is a sister in our ward who knows her pretty well so I am going to get her information from her and hopefully get in contact with her via email! 
One thing she said that really stood out to me was that "On this carousel of life, we tend to get on and it starts to spin so fast that we can hardly recognize notice what is even on the carousel itself, let alone what is on the outside looking in." I found that so profound. The tender mercy gets even better. She went on to tell a story about one day on her mission her and her companion were on their way to a lesson. They were just getting ready to hop on tram or bus when her companion noticed an older woman struggling with some grocery bags on the side walk. Her companion said wait a sec and lead her to go help this grandma with her bags to wherever she was going. And you'll never guess what her companions name was. Sister SMITH. When I served with MY sister Smith, we had a very similar experience happen. Sis Carly Smith prolly doesn't even remember doing it, but I have never forgotten the example that she set for me that day when offering to push a lady's cart to her car for her before we went into the store ourselves. So, Carly thank you. I love you and I am so extremely grateful that God put you in my life.

We have zone conference coming up this Thursday. Soooo muchhhh siitttinnngggg. I don't know if I can take much more of that. hahah nah, it's all good. It's all for our benefit and the benefit of the work of the Lord. :) We've had so much goodness being poured into our brains that I can hardly keep it straight. I want to share with you more of everything next week!

So ever since I got here I have been able to practice the piano every week on Sunday's an hour before church starts, which is at 10. Since we have started doing out laundry at the Mission Home I have been able to practice there as well! It's been such a tender mercy for me. The piano is one way I de-stress each week. 
Lately I've really been into pumpkin things.... If there's pumpkin in it, then I try it! haha my favorite so far has been these pumpkin tortilla chips. There were so yummy! the pumpkin cream cheese is pretty good too. :) I have also been loving rice cakes and hummus... hahah it's weird I know. but I like my weird healthy treats. ;)

Oh gasoline here is only $2.30! I actually saw it for $2.20 one time. What are the prices like back home? 

Sheaquanna teaches me all the hood lingo.
"I'm ashey" means "I'm dry"
"Lemme put you on" means "Lemme fill you in"
"You tweaked!" means "you crazy/loco"
"Gringo" means "white"

hahah she's so funny. I'll throw them out in my white girl way and she gets a big kick out of it. 

I made some goals for myself. I want to read all of the standard works on my mission! I just finished Mark in the New Testament and 4th Nephi in the Book of Mormon. When I am finished with the Book of Mormon I will go on to read the Doctrine and Convenants. I have been reading the Kniha Mormonova right along side the Book of Mormon, so I have a projected finish date for those two the beginning of November. I get so excited everytime I finish a book! haha 

I have loved studying 3rd Nephi. I was acutally sad that it was over when I came to the last chapter. ha ha. I have never studied the Book of Mormon as in depth as I have the past month and I have gotten so much out of it. I loved reading the chapters when Christ came and ministered unto the people and showed Himself unto them. All of those verses are beautiful and heartwarming. 

To finish off this novel of an email I'd like to share with you a well known favorite that is repeated a couple of times in the 3rd book of Nephi. 

3 Nephi 27:28-30

"And verily I say unto you, whatsoever things ye shall ask the Father in my name shall be given unto you. 

Therefore, ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; for he that asketh, receiveth; and unto him that knocketh, it shall be opened. 

And no, behold, my joy is great, even unto fullness, because of you, and also this generation; yea, and even the Father rejoiceth, and also all the holy angels, because of you and this generation; for none of them are lost. 

All we must do is ask and knock. I want to challenge all of you to ask and knock for whatever it is that your heart and soul desire and need most at this time. As you do so, don't forget to listen and hear with you heart and then proceed to Let Him In. 

He lives! He loves us! 

Until next time! I love you alllllll a spoon full of sugar!

S laskou,
Sestra Fred

P.s. Sorry no pics this week! I'll send lots next week! :)

Monday, October 12, 2015


​I ate at this place in the Chicago airport. I had a panini. It was yummy! :)

 These little girls run up to me at church and give me big hugs. They are the closest things I have to Jade and Vera.
​It's quite beautiful out here. 

Mission Conference

Uhmmmm Hello Everyone!

"WASABI?!?!" hehe

Boo boo how was your SEVENTEENTH BIRTHDAY?! Wow. Mom and Dad how are you feeling about that? ;)
Angela, Ron D and Mase! How was Hawaii?! Sounds like bubby had a good time at Jamps and Grammy's house. 
Carly, if you don't email me I'm gonna hurt ya!
Also, did MG go to state for tennis or what?! I want updates on how her season finished!!!

Utica's Uniques:
---> They have red flashing lights here. but not the normal kind. There's a white light that flashes with it. 
---> We found out WHY there are sooo many pizzerias here. It's because they were all a part of the Mafia/Mob! They would use them for money laundering! I about died when a member told us that. haha. crazy.
---> They call their towns "villages" how cute. :)
---> We drive a 2015 Chevy Cruz. It's nice!

Well, honestly I can not believe that it is already Monday again! This past week flew by. I was sick this past week, which wasn't too fun. :/ I caught the nasty cold plague that has been going around the mission. I swear everyone and their dog has been sick. Ew. There is nothing worse then being sick and trying to work. I had to take a day off. So all Tuesday I slept and that seemed to help a little. It wasn't enough though. ha ha I feel like I need a whole weeks worth of sleep! Wishful thinking. I am on the downhill slope of it, I think. So hopefully by next week I will be back up to speed!

Despite the sickness, we had a pretty good week. :)


Alieanna is doing great! We try to see her 2-3 times a week. She came to church this week! YES! We are working on getting her to church on a more regular basis. The only thing getting in the way of that is her job, and her little sister Olivia. Olivia is a stinker! I'll send a pic and you will be able to tell. ha ha she lovesssss Alieanna. She calls her "MAMI" Everyone in the ward was so confused. We were just like nooo noo, it's her little sister, that's just the nickname for her! hahah Alieanna is still on date for the 14th of November. She told us this past week that she was feeling like she wasn't sure about being baptized anymore. We reminded her that the adversary is going to be working extra hard on her now that she has gotten a confirmation and has made the decision to be baptized. We encouraged her to reflect back on when she receieved her witness from the Holy Ghost through prayer that she was supposed to get baptized when she starts to doubt. Keep her in your prayers! We aren't too worried about her though. It's normal for opposition to come before great things are to pass. 

Nathan is just Nathan. We are trying to enstill in him a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. We took a member with us to our lesson this week. Her name is Augusta and she actually served a mission. She was on fire! It was awesome. :) We shared the Resto video with him and testified of the need for a Restoration and Joseph Smith. We committed him to come to church. No luck. Slowly but surely... 

Randi Jackson is THE hardest person to get a hold of. Still trying to get a lesson with her and her family!


We had a member of the Seventy here with us this past week! Elder Randall K. Bennett and his darling Wife. We had a very powerful counsel together and learned a lot. The basis of it was about obedience and having the faith and trust to do EXACTLY what President and Sister Rogers asks of us. As well as following the White Handbook exactly. One of the subjects that was touched was the "car bubble" It's hard being in a car! But, Elder Bennett talked about how just because we are in the car doesn't mean we can't pull over and talk to people that we see. Sister Thao and I decided to put it to the test. 

This past week during Weekly Planning we made a transfer vision for our area and for the ward. We wrote down 4 types of people we want to find to build the ward, one of them being a YSA male, 5'11, dark hair, 23 years of age. On Saturday we were just leaving our apartment and I was keeping my eyes peeled for people on the side of the road when I said loudly to Sister Thao, "Is that our YSA male?!?!?" We did a U-turn, backtracked a bit and parked on a side street and then got out to make it look like we had been walking already. Hahaha we approached him and as we started talking to him, he told us his name, Nick and that he was 21 (close enough) and that he has 2 sisters. He's AT LEAST 5'11 maybe taller and has dark hair. So! hahah we'll take it! We got his number and are planning to go visit him and his family this week. It was awesome. The biggest adreline rush I've had in awhile. haha!

It was fast and testimony meeting yesterday for us in the Utica Ward. I love bearing my testimony. I shared with the ward what I have been studying as of late in the Book of Mormon. I have been reading in 3 Nephi 11-14. These are some of the most beautiful chapters with sooo many hidden gems! I shared 3 Ne 13:30-34. 

 30 Wherefore, if God so cloththe grass of the field,which today is, and tomorrow is casinto the oven, even so will he clothe you, if ye are not olittle faith.
 31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat?or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
 32 For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of althese things.
 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.
 34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow, for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.Sufficient is the day unto the evil thereof.
What beautiful promises the Lord gives to us there. I have a testimony that as long as we are doing the things that we know we need to be doing and put Him first on our list of priorites we will never have to worry about tomorrow and what it will bring. He will always take care of us in the way we need Him too. We just need to take care of Him, too! :)

I love you all and pray for you daily! Keep on keepin' on. :)

Laska Vzdy,
Sestra Fred

​This is Sestra Daniela Sykora. My Czech angel. She is too tall for the camera! haha! 
She fed us Gulosh!!!!! Ahhh my heart and tummy were so happy Saturday night!


7 Footer in the Mission:: And he just so happens to be good friends with John jr. Graves! my cousin! He says hello Aunt Pammy. :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Transfers, Conference, Car Fast Day, ETC

Ahoj :)

What a week! It felt like so much happened! I can't wait to tell you allllll about it. 

First shoutouts!

Happy Birthday to Razzie Boy -- October 3rd! and Boo Boo -- October 9th!
Congrats to Megan and Matthew.. Welcome to the fam Matty poo! ;)
Also! Congrats to Sierra and Taylor!!!! All of my friends need to stop getting engaged...... hahah

C Dizzle, How are you doing????? Is your foot better?! 
Mom Dad I need you to go see Bernard for me! I saw someone on a Jazzy crusin' town. I haven't been able to get him off my mind. 
Angela Marie, how are you feeling?

Utica's Uniques:

---> We can see our breath in the morning when we go out to run. *gasp*
---> They put all their trash and yard debris on the side of the road to be picked up. 
---> New Hartford has the cutestt Fire Department. Pics to follow.
---> Tried another Pizzeria this week! I think it takes the Cake. "SLICE" is the name.


Our beautiful Alieanna is doing soooo good. Last Monday we had the special privilege of going to the mission home to have FHE with President and Sister Rogers. It was a BLAST! Alieanna, Sheaquanna and Shea's baby sis Arianna came. It was a perfect evening. We showed them the 20 minute Restoration video and testified of its' truths. I have seen that a handful of times and every time something new sticks out to me. This time it was the tiny little seedling that is shown at the very end of the movie when it is all said and done. I've always wondered why that would be the last shot, but it occured to me that it is depicting what the whole journey of Joseph Smith and the coming forth of the Restored Gospel started with: a seed. A "grain of mustard seed" that was in the heart of a 14 year old boy that grew into a beautiful Oak tree. (or whatever tree is the biggest out there haha.) I loved that. 
We got Alieanna to come to a session of General Conference, Sunday Morning! YEAHHHHH. I think that it was a little long for her... hahah but she endured it valiantly. So proud of her. She is progressing better then we could ask for. I truly feel blessed and privileged. to be a part of her life and her conversion. She is amazing inside and out! 

We are still only able to meet with Nate that Semi-Great (ha ha jk jk) only one time a week, but when we do we always have a good lesson with him. We decided that he is going to try to prove us wrong until he can't. He's just always got somethinnnn to say, that stinker. For only seeing him once a week, he is actually making pretty good progress. He has started to read more, which is great! We invited him to come to a session of conference, but he didn't show. Figures. I think getting him to church is going to be a battle.... yayyy.... 

Sister Daniela Sykora, my beloved Czech. She is doing well! We tried setting up with her, but she was sick at the beginning of the week... I told myself there is NO WAY that I am letting ONE WEEK go by without seeing her. So I told Sister Thao that we were going to go over later in the week and take her OJ and cough drops. So we did. Haha! We went on Thursday.. I think. She was so excited to see us and sooo grateful for our peace offering! We really only wanted to stop by for a sec and say hi, see how she was doing. She is gifted with the tongue of "chatty cathy" and we stayed for almost an hour. heheh I love her so much. She told us a little more about herself and her life. She's been through a lot.. she is so incredible and such an inspiration to me! She told us she loves having us over and to me she said that my laugh and smile are contagious. ha ha that made my day. :) We asked her if she wanted a priesthood blessing and she said yes! So we got the AP's over there to do it for us. She called us later that night to tell us how it went. She is sooo stinkin' cute! Gah! We saw the elders the next day and got talkin about her. They said to us, "You know she's in OUR area right?" I shot right back and said, "YOU CAN NOT TAKE HER FROM ME!" Hahaha they just laughed and complied. 

We've got a few potentials... not too many though. We are trying to build our pool. There is one potential though, her name is Randi Jackson. I can't remember if I mentioned her last week or not, but we met her a week ago Sunday in Clark Mills where one of our Homebound Sister lives. Last week we tried getting a hold of her, but she was never home when we called. Yesterday, we had on plan to go see the sister in Clark Mills and wrote down Randi's name too hoping that we'd be able to find her. (we weren't exactly sure where she lived because the house we met her at was one she was cleaning for her mom -- mom rents it out) Okay now here is where the Lords timing is sooo perfect, and soooo great. During the morning session of Conference, Sister Hungerford (the homebound) called to let us know she needed to cancell. We called her back after the session was over to see what was up. When we did, she told us oh just kidding you can actually come! So we go, see her have a good little lesson and as we were leaving there was Randi Jackson in the flesh walking on the street towards us. (God doesn't do random) We chatted and caught up, asked how she was doing, blah blah blah. She's super busy. Mother of 4 and works 40 hours a week. She is finally moving into her own place (living at sisters right now) by the end of this week and will have her own home phone so it should be a bit easier to get in touch with her. She was telling us that she really does want to come to church though and her little brother does too. He's 19. When she was telling her brother about us, he was asking her what the difference was between our religion and all the others. Ohhhhh commeee at ussss! A perfect question to answer with the points of the Restoration. We taught her the Resto right then and there and I actually had the opportunity to recite the First Vision to her. I have never in my life felt the spirit work in and through me so powerfully then I did in that moment. It was by far the most powerful, spiritual experience I have had as a missionary. It was beautiful. We told her we'd keep callin and get her to church next week! I'll keep you posted. :)


Soooo maybe half the trees have started to turn colors. There is still a lot of green though! It has cooled off quiteeee a bit here. Like I said earlier, you can see your breath in the mornings. Nooooo! hahahah that is never a good sign. It is beautiful out today. The sun is shinning and it actually feels nice. :) 


How good is General Conference? How bout them three new apostles!!!! Aren't they the cutest?
​The first weekend in October and April are easily my favorite out of the entire year. I was reflecting on where I was at a year ago watching conference and it was in the MTC! How crazy is that?? I had a much more comfier spot this year at the Mitchell's home on Saturday. Sunday we weren't quite as spoiled. ;) The Mitchell's are a very missionary oriented family. They have a son out right now serving in... Vacaville, California! Mom, Dad I believe you know where that is?! And then they have a son who is getting ready to go here in the next couple of months. He should be getting his call here really soon.. He said all of us missionaries can be there when he opens it. :) 
Brother and Sister Mitchell literally made us a THANKSGIVING FEAST!!!!! Homemade Pumpkin and Apple pie included!! hahahahh it was absolutely INCREDIBLE. My taste buds have never been so happy! We got there around 12 and didn't leave until 6:30 ish. It was so fun being with the Elders and the Mitchell's. It felt like I was at home. 

I am going to have to go back through and read the talks and maybe try to choose a favorite because they were all just sooo good! I have always loved Conference, but as a missionary it is something special. I feel like a received a lot of personal revelation and things I needed to hear. I hope you did too! It would take too long to sum up all that I loved, so I am going to share with you some of the amazing one liners that were thrown out this past weekend from the greats of our church.

"We don't marry perfection, we marry potential."

"Exaltation is our goalDiscipleship is our journey."

"Hold tight! Sail on!"

"It will all work out."


"Ship shape and Bristol fashion."

"am the pilot"

"Maternal love has to be divine." (Mom I thought of you the whole time YOUR favorite apostle was speaking.)

"It's never too early and it's never too late." 

"We have the power to choose belief over doubt."

"Turn to him." (one of my faves)

"We will be different!" 

"Ponderize and elevate your thoughts!"

I love love loveeee hearing from the prophet and apostles. I know their words and counsel to be true! It is my prayer that we can all accept their counsel and not see it as "barriers" keeping us from missing out on something great. I want to bear my testimony to all of you that I know President Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet on the Earth today. I know that the three new apostles were truly called of God. I know that this church is true, with every ounce of my being I do. It has brought me more joy then anything else in this life could possible offer. I love my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I am SO thankful that I have the sacred privilege of being one of His missionaries. I know that He and Heavenly Father love us so much. Ve jmenu, Jezise Krista, Amen.

Until next week my family and friends!

S laskou,
Sestra Freddddova

​The Mitchell's are SAINTS.

*more pictures to come from this email