Saturday, April 30, 2016

D&C 4

I have recently accustomed these two phrases to my morning though process.
"This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.
 "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me."
I was in a bit of a negative thinking rut and I read in one of my little missionary books
10 steps to happiness and positive thinking. These two were included. As I have recited
these two phrases every morning, and evening I have noticed that my mood and outlook 
on the day is much happier and light. It even got to the point where I woke up and without
even thinking about it those two phrases popped right into my head. The mind is such a power
ful thing that we are completely in control of.
h a p p y anniversary to Clarkie Boy and Alice!  Has it seriously already been
3 years????? Yikes. Hope that you were able to do something special to 
remember your day. :)
---> When students finish with all of their testing in University in M.B. they 
        dress up like Zombies and dead people and walk around the town
        blowing whistles and spraying vinegar on people and carry buckets
         for donations on their success in completing school. ha ha We had to go
        by toilet paper Friday morning and we ran into a big group of them. It 
        was rather frightening. We were so confused. It is a shame they don't cele-
        brate Halloween here because they looked pretty dang good.
Instead of a BOM Insight I am going to share a story that Sister Andreason shared with me towards the beginning of the transfer that really hits home.
"There was once a bridge which spanned a large river. During most of the day the bridge sat with its length running up and down the river paralleled with the banks, allowing ships to pass through freely on both sides of the bridge. But at certain times each day, a train would come along and the bridge would be turned sideways across the river, allowing a train to cross it.
A switch-man sat in a small shack on one side of the river where he operated the controls to turn the bridge and lock it into place as the train crossed. One evening as the switch-man was waiting for the last train of the day to come, he looked off into the distance through the dimming twilight and caught sight of the train-lights. He stepped to the control and waited until the train was within prescribed distance when he was to turn the bridge. He turned the bridge into position, but, to his horror, he found the locking control did not work. If the bridge was not securely in position it would wobble back and forth at the ends when the train came onto it, causing the train to jump the track and go crashing into the river. This would be a passenger train with many people aboard.
He left the bridge turned across the river, and hurried across the bridge to the other side of the river where there was a lever switch he could hold to operate the lock manually. He would have to hold the lever back firmly as the train crossed. He could hear the rumble of the train now, and he took hold of the lever and leaned backward to apply his weight to it, locking the bridge. He kept applying the pressure to keep the mechanism locked. Many lives depended on this man's strength.
Then, coming across the bridge from the direction of his control shack, he heard a sound that made his blood run cold.
"Daddy, where are you?" His four-year-old son was crossing the bridge to look for him. His first impulse was to cry out to the child, "Run! Run!" But the train was too close; the tiny legs would never make it across the bridge in time. The man almost left his lever to run and snatch up his son and carry him to safety. But he realized that he could not get back to the lever. Either the people on the train or his little son must die.
He took a moment to make his decision. The train sped safely and swiftly on its way, and no one aboard was even aware of the tiny broken body thrown mercilessly into the river by the on rushing train. Nor were they aware of the pitiful figure of the sobbing man, still clinging tightly to the locking lever long after the train had passed. They did not see him walking home more slowly than he had ever walked: to tell his wife how their son had brutally died.

Now if you comprehend the emotions which went through this man's heart, you can begin to understand the feelings of our Father in Heaven when He sacrificed His Son to bridge the gap between us and eternal life. Can there be any wonder that He caused the earth to tremble and the skies to darken when His Son died? How does He feel when we speed along through life without giving a single thought to what was done for us through Jesus Christ?
When was the last time you thanked Him for the sacrifice of His Son?"
How great of a God we have, who sacrificed His only Begotten. I am so grateful for the self'-less character 
that they both have.
Kody is getting baptized today! unfortunately we are emailing before so I won't be able to send pictures until next week,
but nonetheless he is entering the waters of baptism and we couldn't be more thrilled for him. He is such an amazing
example to us all and has touched the hearts of many of the members here. The baptism starts at 11h and will be here
in Prague. Some of the members from the Jicin branch are coming to support. I get to play the piano and we are going
to do a musical number with the Elders. The sun is shining, we have blue skies and the weather is quite
warm. A perfect day. It should be a delightful service. :)
We had training on Wednesday. It was so good. Like usual. The focus of the training was on how we as missionaries
can better ourselves in fulling our true purpose as missionaries, which is to bring others to Christ by baptism. The AP's based
their training on D&C 4: Serving with all of our heart, might, mind and strength. They had us reflect back on the day we opened
our mission calls and what kind of vision, dreams, hopes, expectations we had in the moment. What we wanted to achieve. 
Sister McConkie trained on seeing in our selves the potential that God sees in us as his missionaries. President trained on
improving our teaching skills. It was a spiritually uplifting day and I was able to learn so much and be taught by the Holy Ghost
concerning the things that Sister Fredrickson specifically needs to change and improve so that I can better fulfill my purpose as a 
missionary in the Czech/Slovak mission.
I am feeling much better! Almost back to 100% health, which is SO good because I really did NOT want to be sick
going in to next transfer. Nooooo thank you! Heavenly Father is surely blessing me.
It is mothers day in a week! That means I get to see you my family so soon! 
Looking forward to it. :)
Have a splendid week! Missing you and loving you from the Czech side of the world!
S laskou,
Sestra Fred 🌻

This is the John Lennon wall. We went there last week on Pday. 
That's Elder Cardon writing The Book of Mormon is true. :) ha ha

​The national theater. Where we saw the bartered bride for Culture night.

Narodni Divadlo - Outside looks

Sister Stokes and Sister Andreason gave lovely departing testimonies on Wednesday.

Tomasz and Ester!

Grimmlovi - ​This family is absolutely amazing. They are recent converts and soooo cute. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

One Step Behind

Zdravim vas!

Today is a really special day for a couple of reasons. 
1. My big sister was born "20" years ago today. 
2. Taylor Knapp showed up at the Freddie home a year ago today.

Today, I have 2 really, really good reasons to be grateful.


H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Angela Marie! I hope the day treats you well. :) Love you!
Savannah is already more than a month old. How did that happen?!
Mary Grace happy Prom day to you and Devyn! Can't wait to see pics. :)
Thank you again to the WARNER FAMILY! It was so good to see them here in Prague. 
And thank you mom and dad for the WONDERFUL Easter package! I love you so much!


---> We had a spring cleaning at the Jicin church building on Friday.
---> The pizza is rather thin here, so typically you fold it in half and eat it like a sandwich.
---> On the way to the National Theater Wednesday night for Culture night Elder Cardon
       and I had a tag team contact on the tram. It was legit. 


1 Nefi 13:40-42
In this chapter, Nefi is seeing in vision the church of the devil being established as well as the plain and most precious parts being taken from 
the Bible. I love what the angel says to Nefi. I know that those most plain and precious parts that were once taken have now been restored through
the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know that he is a prophet of God who was called to bring forth the Restoration of the Gospel. 

40 And the angel spake unto me, saying: These last records, which thou hast seen among the Gentiles, shall establish the truth of the first, 
which are of the twelve apostles of the Lamb, and shall make known the plain and precious things which have been taken away from them; and shall make 
known to all kindreds, tongues, and people, that the Lamb of God is the Son of the Eternal Father, and the Savior of the world; and that all men must come unto him, or they cannot be saved.
 41 And they must come according to the words which shall be established by the mouth of the Lamb; and the words of the Lamb shall be made known in the records of thy seed, as well as in the records of the twelve apostles of the Lamb; wherefore they both shall be established in one; for there is one God and one Shepherd over all the earth.
 42 And the time cometh that he shall manifest himself unto all nations, both unto the Jews and also unto the Gentiles; and after he has manifested himself unto the Jews and also unto the Gentiles, then he shall manifest himself unto the Gentiles and also unto the Jews, and thelast shall be first, and the first shall be last. 
I know that those most plain and precious parts that were once taken have now been restored through
the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know that he is a prophet of God who was called to bring forth the Restoration of the Gospel. 


We had a lesson with Kristian on Tuesday night with Kody at our homey office on Vaclamenta Street.
After talking with the Elders and Prezident McConkie we decided that there is no need for him to wait until 
the 14th of May to get baptized. The only thing that was left to teach him was Law of the Land. So, the Elders so graciously 
gave us the opportunity to help him see how he is ready for baptism and reset his date with them. ha ha It wasn't all that bad. :)
We taught him law of the land, read the Matthew account of Christ's baptism and went through the baptismal interview questions to help prep
him and help him see all the simple things that are going to be asked of him in that interview. I love how simple the quesitons are. 
"Do you believe that God is our Eternal Father?" "Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Savior and Redeemer of the world?"
It was so neat being able to go through these simple, yet profound questions with him and to hear his belief come to life through words. 
As we concluded with the "mock interview" we expressed our faith and confidence in him that he is ready to be baptized, but certainly it would be up to him. 
After pondering it he accepted the 30th of April as his date. We are so excited for Kody! He is going to be an excellent addition to the branch, and one day such 
an amazing tool in Heavenly Father's army as a missionary.


We went to the National Theater in Prauge for culture night! We saw "The Bardered Bride" in Czech, but they had English Subtitles. 
It was an experience of a life time! I felt like I was in a dream! So much fun. I am so blessed to be in such an amazing
place. Pictures to come. :)


Well, Sister Andreason and I are both sick. ha ha I am pretty much one day behind her in the process. 
We carry our rolls of toilet paper and cough drops around with us everywhere. ha ha we are a hot mess. 
We both got blessings from our office elders this morning. I love the comfort that blessings bring. 

We are off to set up for a wedding here in Prague!
The man is a member, the woman not yet. They are getting married today so she can get baptized
in the next couple of weeks. So cool. Families are forever! 

Mam vas Rada! Mejte se moc hezky tyden!

S laskou,
Sestra Fred 🌻

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Power of Unity


Another week came and went. How oh how does this happen? Time is moving too quickly.


Happy anniversary to T. Freezy and Momma Freckles tomorrow! I am so grateful for your marriage. Thank you for enduring love and producing the CUTEST kiddos. 
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Bubby! Just in case I forgot last week. :) Love you!


---> What we call a "spike" in volleyball they call a "smash" here. 
---> There are 3 lines on the Metro: Red, Green and Yellow.
---> We live off the Naměstí Míru stop which is on the Green line.
---> It is officially Ice Cream season here. People and ice cream cones everywhere! 


1 Nephi 9:5-6
"Wherefore, the Lord hath commanded me to make these plates for wise purpose in him, which purpose know not.
But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning;wherefore, he prepareth way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, 
he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words. And thus it is. Amen."
I love these scriptures because they remind me of the wisdom God has that I sometimes think I do, but in actuality, do not have.
I know that the Lord knows all of our beginnings, all of our endings and all the in-between. I know that He will always
prepare the way for us as long as we show humility and trust in Him and His plan. God is good!


This week was a blur. I can't remember everything that happened, but our exchange with the Liberec Sestry was amazing. Sister Stokes came with me to Mlada Boleslav and we had sooo much good solid lessons! We had a return appointment with a referral that Sister Andreason and I had contacted the day before. His name is Ivan and he lives in Stare Boleslav, which is half-way between Prague and Mlada Boleslav. He has two children, 6 and 3 and has gone through a lot and is just searching for something positive that he can add to his life. We walked with him and his darling 3 year old daughter to the grocery store nearby and taught him while walking the isles. Ha it was the first Grocery shopping lesson for both Sister Stokes and I. It was epic and totally awesome. He is searching for answers and has the most willing heart. After we finished our shopping trip we sat down on a bench nearby and talked to him about the Book of Mormon and how it can answer all the questions that he has and that is can give him that positive influence that he is looking for along with everything else that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer. After explaining the little things that he will need to do in order to find answers, i.e. read, pray, come to church and meet with us, we invited him to be baptized and he accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of May. The spirit was so strong as we testified of baptism being a new start for him and his family.  He will be considered a Prague investigator. There are some members out that way near him in neighboring towns so we are excited to get some member work going with him! 

We had a lesson with Tomas Prusa, who has a baptismal date for the 7th of May. We taught the Restoration and it went so well. We invited him to pray to Heavenly Father and ask if Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that through him Christ's church was restored. He IMMEDIATELY did it. No questions asked. ha ha it was so awesome!!! He came to our English class right after and said he will be coming to church on Sunday! I am excited for you to meet him. :) 

Filip is a potential that Sister Hale and I met on exchanges a couple weeks ago, also said he will be coming to church this Sunday. So many good things are happening already and I feel that we are seeing the Lords hand in our work even more. 


At MLC (mission leadership council) a couple of weeks ago, we discussed how we can reshape the culture of our mission, specifically focusing the vision that our mission has concerning how we can better fulfill our true purpose as missionaries, which is bring others to Christ through baptism. As we sat and discussed as a council, we experienced the gift and process of revelation and felt that as a mission we needed to re-focus our thoughts and efforts in emphasizing that we do baptize in this mission and that the elect are out there and prepared. As a council we decided on a challenge: To bring one soul to or back to the covenant of baptism by June 30th. To kick-off the mission wide challenge we started with a fast last week. We fasted for the spiritual strength to carry out the Lords work in the way that He needs it to be done, for the faith and belief to find the elect in the Czech/Slovak mission and to be blessed with the courage and faith that we need to overcome our own personal challenges that come with missionary work. To accompany the fast, we received this challenge from Prezident and Sister McConkie:

"Sister McConkie and I invite all of you to pray more often AND to join us each week in a unified, mission wide

prayer. Each Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m., please kneel with your companion and pray for your fellow missionaries. Pray 

for the people they are teaching. Pray that they will have the Spirit guide their efforts to bring our friends to the covenant 

of baptism. Pray that they will bear with patience their personal challenges so that they qualify for the Lord's promise of 

success in the work. Pray for one another's investigators and friends and the members with whom we work and 

serve. Pray for the new mission president and his family and the missionaries preparing to join us in the mission field. Pray 

for the strength and the courage and the faith to do the Lord's work as it should be done."

I was with Sister Stokes Thursday evening to have the prayer at 7 am. It was one of the most spiritual moments just knowing that there were so many of us on our knees at the same time pleading to God for His help in this work. I felt His love and His power in that moment. What an amazing thing to be a part of at this time. I love being a part of the Lords army. There is seriously nothing like it. It is an indescribable opportunity! There is power in being unified. 


There was a country wide clean up today in the Czech Republic that Prezident McConkie really wanted all of the missionaries to participate in. We put on our yellow Mormon hands vests and went to pick up trash along the road and sidewalks for about 5 miles. It was SO much fun and right up my alley. (Bre, Alexis, anyone that knows me really knows that picking up trash is one of my favorite past times. ;) ) haha It was a sweet opportunity to be involved in the community and get to know some new people. As we picked up trash I had the chance to get to know some of the others in our group. I got to know a couple, Mira and Katka really well and by the end we were laughing and having a good time along with some good heart to hearts about beliefs, Jesus and why we are here as missionaries. Unfortunately, we didn't get any numbers, but you better believe they all received an invite to church. :) 


Earlier this morning we attended a baptism here in Prague. His name is Olda. He was taught by the office Elders. It was the first baptism I'd been too since I have been back out. I always enjoy the special spirit that accompanies a baptismal service. It was also neat to see so many of our investigators there. We are tag team teaching a boy in Jicin/Mlada with the Jicin Elders. His name is Kody. And according to one of the members we teach with, he is the "second Joseph Smith." HA HA HA AH AHAHAHAHAH. No, but really though. He is so prepared. One day he was thinking about religions and how he felt like he hadn't found the right one yet. He found us online and showed up at church service near the beginning of the transfer. We teach him during the week when he is in Boleslav and the Elders teach him on the weekends. He basically teaches us though. ha It's been such a cool experience. But, anyway. he came today! and loved it. No surprise there. He's golden.

Welp, that's all I have for you this week!
Tune in for more miracles next Saturday.:)
Love you all! 

S laskou,
Sestra Fred 🌻

Me in the act. ha!

You just don't know what you might find during city wide clean up!

Halušky Fest after the Clean Up

Monday, April 11, 2016

Exchanges & General Conference

My Dear Family and Friends,

Mom and Dad I am so sorry for not giving you a warning about not emailing on Saturday. 
I hope that you can forgive me! Due to conference we changed out P-day to today. 
All is well and I am fine. :)

Happy birthday B U B B Y !!!! The big number FOUR. I can't even believe it. You are getting so big!
I hope you had a good day eating all those blue cupcakes. hehe I love you little guy! 
Also, birthday shout outs go to Beverly Ward and Judy Swanson! :)

---> They had a marathon here and they used the metro as part of it. People. Everywhere.
---> We ride tramvaj number 18 to get from our house to the building.
---> It is a 45 minute drive from Prague to Mlada.
---> Palačinky are the czech's version of a pancake, but really it's sweedish hotcake/crepe.

I have started over in the Book of Mormon and this time I am using a color coding system to mark things such as, 
prophets speaking, important doctrine being taught, the story line/what is happening, words of members of Godhead, etc.
So, from here on out my insights will be kind of random. :)

I was reading in 1 Nephi 8, where Lehi is describing the vision he had of the tree of life. 
I absolutely love this chapter. I want to share verses 10-13 with you. 

10  And it came to pass that I beheld a tree, whose fruit was desirable to make one happy.
 11 And it came to pass that I did go forth and partake of the fruit thereof; and I beheld that it was most sweet, above all that I ever before tasted. 
Yea, and I beheld that the fruit thereof was white, to exceed all the whiteness that I had ever seen.
 12 And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit.
 13 And as I cast my eyes round about, that perhaps I might discover my family also, I beheld a river of water; and it ran along, and it was near the tree of which I was partaking the fruit. 
1. He sees.
2. He moves closer.
3. He tries it.
4. He desires for his family to have it and looks for them.
Its a beautiful process. We see something that looks desirable, so we move in closer, or we take that step of faith to figure out what it's all about
and then we take another step by trying it and by doing so we are filled with joy and our faith is strengthened as we come to find how great it 
actually is and then we want that for our most dear and precious ones around us. 
I love the example of Lehi in this story. I know that the fruit of the Gospel is truly the most desirable of all. I pray that we may all experience 
it for ourselves and then have the courage and strength to look for those around us and beckon them to experience it as well so that they might
be filled with the same everlasting joy. 

Almost every time WITHOUT fail, we see and experience miracles while on exchanges.
This week we had an exchange with the Frydek Mystek Sisters. Frydek Mystek is on the far east border
of the Czech Republic, near a town called Ostrava. Sister Hale and I went to Mlada Boleslav to work and Sister Witzle stayed in Prague with Sister Andreason. 
Fun fact: Sister Hale started her mission in Mlada Boleslav just like Sister Andreason! We had a lesson with Enka, a recent convert who Sister Hale taught back in the day. It was so fun to see them interact after a years time. After our lesson with Enka, we had a few pending lessons on plan, but they didn't show. We made some calls, sent some texts out to every one in our phone inviting them to General Conference and then we went out to go Chalk the town! The Zone leaders in Hradec Kralove chalked #aleluja all over the town during the Easter
initiative and saw so much success from it. So we thought, why don't we do that with conference! We didn't have a czech hashtag to use to send them to our website, so we chalked our website and LDSconf. ha ha 

Little bit of back ground: It was 7:00 pm when we were deciding if we should chalk then or at 8 cause we needed to eat some dinner. As we were deciding it kind of started to rain and I thought of course. This is going to be pointless because it is all going to be washed away. My blessed Sister Hale said, you know what, lets just do it! 

We went down the busy road Vaclamenta and started to chalk  the town. We had some people stop and ask about what we were doing and what it meant. So cool! I had just finished chalking and stood up to seen a younger man walking by. He seemed in a bit of a rush, but I felt prompted to stop him anyway. As I started talking with him and inviting him to come listen to the prophet and apostles this weekend he says to us no no, yes I know. I have met you people before in New Zealand. He went on to tell us that while in New Zealand, he was approached by Sister missionaries there and was given a Book of Mormon. This is the funniest part. He said, "Yes, we met once in town A. They left to go to town B and somehow produced a copy of this book in the Czech language." bahahahah when he said that I was dyingggg. So funny. We asked him if he
had had the chance to read it and he said yes, but it was very confusing and he didn't understand it. We testified using the HTBT points of our calling as missionaries to be his guides so that he can understand what is available to him in the Book of Mormon. He expressed sincere interest of wanting to learn more about the book of Mormon. He told us that He believes that there is somethings there and that there is more purpose for him in is life, but he just hasn't found it yet.  As he said this my eyes filled with tears. As a missionary especially, those words coming from someone's mouth sound so incredibly sweet. We told him that all day everyday we look for people who have these questions, have open and sincere hearts and have a real desire to find truth and meaning in their lives. We told him that we feel that he is one of the elect who is prepared and ready to receive the Gospel. He responded with yes, yes I do believe that I have
an open heart! ha ha ahhhh man. Filip is soooo prepared!!! 

After he left, Sister Hale and I just stood there in awe and amazement, bucket of chalk in hand. 

What was interesting was the next person we talked with, used these words when denying our invitation
to come and learn more, "I don't have an open heart or mind to these things."
I will never forget that moment on the sidewalk of Vaclamenta. Not only was it a testimony to me that there
ARE elect out there, it was also a testimony to me that we are ALL in this together. I am so grateful to those
sisters in New Zealand who were urgent to get Filip the fullness of the Gospel by getting him a Czech Book of Mormon. 
It is simply amazing. 

We got to watch conference this past weekend! It was amazing, as always.
We watched it with Elder Smith and Chadwick in Jicin on Saturday and then we were 
in Prague on Sunday to watch it with the branch and missionaries here. 
We had investigators who came in both areas, which was super awesome and a blessing! 

I had a few questions going into conference for me as well as for others we are working with right now
and I received answers and inspiration to them all. It is such an amazing gift that we have to receive personal
revelations for ourselves and inspiration for the behalf of others that we love and care about. 
I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. He is the only one who can receive revelation from God on behalf of the world. I know that God speaks to us through his Prophet and Apostles. I felt Him speak to me this past weekend and I hope that you all felt him speak to you a couple weeks ago. 

It is also my wish that we can all "embrace the tomorrow while remembering what we felt today." 
Review your notes and hold on to those spiritual experiences you had while watching conference!

I love you all so much. Thank you for you love, your support, your prayers, etc.
Mejte se krasne!!!

S pozdravim,
Sestra Fred 🌻

Me, Enka, Sestra Hale. :)

​I'm pretty sure these are the Japanese flowering cherry trees! Spring is here!

Met these fine folk yesterday in Prague! 
Brianne and Tom... can't remember their last name, but! Brianne is a cousin to Carly and Heather 
Macdonald! hahah such a small world. Her oldest is the same age as Allie 15 years old. Crazy.
Maybe Angela knows Brianne!

General Conf set up in Jicin

Love my Sister Hale! 

Saturday, April 2, 2016


My Dear Family and Friends,
Can you believe that April has already snuck up on us? We had exchanges yesterday and it wasn't until Sister DeMann and I got back into Prague 
yesterday evening that we even realized it was April 1st. Ha I love missionary work. Especially when you don't even realize what day it is.
Mom nice try on the April Fools joke with Megan and Matt. ha You almost had me. ;) 
Grace! I hope your lesson went well in Young women's last week!
Prague Překvapání/Mladá Mysteries:
---> I contacted some police on the Metro. Coolest contacting moment of my career.
---> I enjoy running up the escalator when getting off the metro. 
---> Sestra Andreason and I got our feet eaten by fishes today! ha! 
---> I locked the keys out of the apartment again. Third times a charm.

Alright, I am so sorry. I totally dropped the ball on this section last week. But hey, guess what? I finished on Easter Sunday!
Best part was, I finished Sunday morning before going to church in Jicin and then I got go give a talk about it during Sacrament. 
I testified of the reality and divinity of the Book of Mormon and how there isn't a page that you turn that doesn't have Christ there.
I am so grateful for this challenge that Prezident Rogers gave to us as a mission back in December while I was in New York. I will
be forever grateful to him for that invitation to read with Christ in mind all the way through. My life has been changed because of it.
I am so excited to start it all over again, this time with a different focus! I haven't decided yet though. :)
Here's what I've got for you today.
Moroni 7:16
For behold, the Spirit of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil; wherefore, I show unto you the way to judge; for every thing which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God.
I am so grateful for the Spirit of Christ which is in all of us. What a gift!

We had a great week! Sestra Andreason participated in our first training together as STL's.
Prezident Trained on Finding, the Zone Leaders on How to Begin Teaching, and we trained on Follow-up.
I feel that training went really well! We did it twice. Once for the Hradec Kralove Zone and then for the Prague Zone.
 I can't decide if I was more nervous the second time or the first. ha I feel it such a blessing to be serving as a STL and have the opportunity to attend 2 trainings.
There are so many GOOD missionaries in this mission. I love learning from each and every one of them and seeing how we ALL have
so much good to offer!

We had exchanges with C-Bud this week! Sestry DeMann and Manners. I worked with Sister Manners after training on Thursday here in Prague and then Sister DeMann came with me to Boleslav on Friday just for the day. It was a blast. Sister Manners and I worked the Metro and Trams and at the end of the day we met a sweet young woman from Slovakia. She has a catholic background, but as we taught her about the Book of Mormon her demeanor started to change and the spirit started to work on her. We exchanged numbers, left her with a Book of Mormon and will plan to meet with her some time next week. Exchange miracles everybody. I love 'em.
 Sister DeMann and I had a full day and we were running from one end of the town to the other in Boleslav. It was cool too, because there were some former missionaries in town, one who had served in Jicin for A YEAR of his mission. His name is Elder Cizek and he was also the one who prepped the area for the Sisters to come in way back when. Super cool. We tried a Less Active with them and then had some lunch and talked about the work. It was so helpful hearing some of their advice about how to reach out to the people and such. Yes, I locked the keys in the apartment AGAIN on EXCHANGES. I didn't panic as much this time because I finally found our Landlady's number so I called her and she was able to let us right in. ha ha I dont' know what it is lately with those stinkin' keys. I am beginning to think that I am losing my mind.

Our areas are doing rather well. We have a Baptismal Date in Boleslav. Tomas Prusa. He is about 30 years old, works at Skoda, not married, does have a belief in God. When we taught him earlier this week he told us that we could teach him in English if it was easier for us and that way he could practice his English. I thought to myself... nooooooooooo. I started to scramble for words when the spirit told me to testify of how we are called of God to teach him the Gospel in his native tongue. After hearing us say that, he politely said alright then, lets do that. It was a cool moment. When we extended a Baptismal Date to him he said to us, "Well yes... but I need to read this book and I need to live by the teachings first" ha He also expressed his desire to quit smoking, which is awesome because the Gospel can help him with that!

We have been looking for some Teenage girls who can be friends with Enka. On exchanges Sister DeMann and I met 3 who expressed some interest! We are looking forward to teaching them and are praying for the best.  I would love for Enka to have a friend there in Boleslav.

Libuse is doing great. Her son Honza (LA) has joined us for dinner 3 times now. We shared the Easter video with them this past Monday and even Libuse's husband sat in and watched. He has NEVER sat in on a spiritual thought before, so that was pretty awesome! Oh! And! Honza prayed for us at the end just before we left. We think he's comin' around. Slowly, but surely. :)

Prague is doing great! I love serving here. It was been so fun to be a part of the fast lane life of missionary work here. Our progressing gators, David Pham and Mia are doing well. David has been meeting with us about 2x a week for the past 2 weeks and is doing soo good. He always has the best questions! Today he had this question: Are the pre-mortal spirits and the dead spirits living in the same spirit world.                I wasn't sure on that one, but he's got questions like this all the time, which means he is really pondering and searching for answers. Mia came to game night! Our biggest struggle with her is getting her to Church. We set up to have a lesson with her at 8:30 just before church starts. We are hoping that that will get her there. hehe. We also had a potential come to game night that we met on the tram a couple weeks back. His name is Dean, from Nigeria and is studying here in Prague. He has a very religious background.. Protestant I think. We taught him with a member afterwards and gave him a Book of Mormon. He said that he would love to come fellowship with us so we will see what happens there!
Life is busy over here for us! The days keep on flying. I really can't believe that it is already April. I love Spring. I love the message that it brings. NEW LIFE. 
I am experiencing new life as a missionary. It is so weird to be doing missionary work in nice weather. ha all I have really known is fall and winter. So I guess you 
could say I am excited for what these spring and summer months have to bring. :) It is a great time to be alive!
If you haven't already.... check out the Easter Mormon Message. 
I love you all to the moon and back! Have a great week!
S laskou,
Sestra FRED 🌻

​I have never experienced anything like this. hahaha so fun. so cool.
We had so many people on the outside looking in that were getting the biggest kick out of it. WE felt like famous people!

Just as our feet went in. ha!

Ondrej is the one on the far left. He is a recent convert. He joined us on our fish adventure. He was like the little tour guide talking to them out front. ha ha it was so funny.

We all wore Flowers without even planning it.

Easter Markets on Winccles Square
Cool little set up they had. The Easter markets are similar to the Christmas ones.


Mmmm Trdelnik. So good. I had the Magic Apple and Sister Andreason had the Strawberry Dream.