Monday, December 1, 2014

December is Here!

Wow can you believe that it is already December? Because I cannot!
We had a bit of a wild week.
So Jana Mestanova, Romana's mother, had a bit of a freak out and decided that she didn't want to be baptized anymore and that we weren't invited to the home anymore as well. 
We were a bit concerned, but due to Jana's track record she tends to flip flop so we weren't totally surprised when by the middle of the week we were back over at their home teaching them and they also participated and performed in our Christmas koncert that we had yesterday. hah 
Jana played the guitar while Romana and her brother Daniel sang. It was awesome! 
So, Jana is back on date with Lucinka the granddaughter. 
Daniel won't be getting baptized yet because he joined a band so he is never home to hear the lessons. ha 
We will get him eventually. 
Romana is doing awesome. Her character has changed from night and day. 

You are going to hate me, but we are having Thanksgiving dinner today and we got cut short on email time. 
All is well! 
Sorry for the horrible email. 
I will try to shoot one off later today! 

Sestra Fred

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