Monday, November 24, 2014

Zima has arrived in the Czech Republic

Alright well, this past week the winter cold has officially set in. Elder Boyce informed us as we were walking to the building one day that it was a whole 2 degrees! hahaha luckily we have been very blessed to have lessons upon lessons filling up our schedules so we don't have to spend too much time outside contacting. We do walk everywhere though and have some district contacting blocks 3 times a week so we do spend a fair amount of time where the cold bites our noses. ha MOM--There was a winter coat that was left at the apartment that I am taking advantage of! It is a little worn out, but it will do this winter. :)
This past week was a pretty good one. I gave my first talk in church yesterday! yay! I kept it simple--introduced myself, bore my testimony about my mission and shared the scripture in Psalms that's on my mission plaque. I love those verses. I love thinking of God as our sun and our shield. There is great power in that anaolgy. If we remember that and let God into our lives He can protect us from anything!
Which includes all of Sister Scerra's admirers here in C-Bud. We ordered pizza one night last week and had it delivered to our home. We know the pizza delievery guy and he totally tried kissing Sister Scerra. Luckily she has cat like reflexes and he was only able to catch her cheek. hahah Then we met a man named Maroslav in the park contacting. He was there selling health insurance so we talked to him a little about Word of Wisdom. He set up for a meeting with us yesterday and as we started to set expectations on why he chose to meet with us he expressed that he was more interested in Sister Scerra then our message. hah just some funnies from the week. Now on to more serious matters...
Vasyl is getting dunked and we are so excited for him. He has been a bit of a tease and a typical 17 year old punk the past couple weeks, but he passed his interview and is ready to make this next step in his life. And! Get this. While we thought that only his dad was a member, it turns out that his mom is too! But he at the last second added his mom as a member to his baptismal interview record, so we have made the hypothesis that Vasyl and his mom started investigating at the same time and she just recently got baptized and that's why he never said anything to us and wrote it on the record last second. That is by no means the real story, just ours. haha we will be asking him about it next time we see him. But if that is the case, then it means that they have been investigating the church together from a far distance and it also means that they get to be an eternal family! It's incredible. Love our Vasyl. More on him and the baptism next week!
Sister Scerra pointed out to me how one way Satan likes to disturb the peace while contacting people and it is through phones. We had a couple instances this past week where the conversation started out bleh, but then the spirit was brought in and they were feeling it when their stinkin' phone goes off. She told me to start keeping count. Ha
Looks like all is well back home! When did Grace decide to play basketball?? Ha I missed that info. I'm glad she did though! I bet she's killin it. The houses are finished too! Yip-ee! Excited for you Crowley's and Freddies that will be moving in to those soon. :)
Shout out to Lauren Pilcher real quick: CONGRATS ON THE MISSION CALL LO. I am so proud of you!!! Love you to pieces!

Welp, that's all for now! Have a happy week, being grateful for all that God gives us!
I am thankful for all of you and the examples and testimonies that you all have a radiate. Keep sharing those with everyone around you.
Loving you from the Czech side of the world:)
Dokud Pristi Tyden!
Sestra Fred

"You can either choose right, choose wrong, or choose to do nothing about it."

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