Monday, November 3, 2014

Miracles in C-Bud

Dobry Den!
Another week come and gone eh? A lot of neat miracles we had this week! 
Our sweet Romana has gone 4 days now without a cigarett and we announced her baptism at church yesterday to the branch! We are all anxiously looking forward toSaturday see her enter the waters of baptism. She came to church yesterday alllll by herself and at NINE in the morning. Romana is a gem. 
So there is this older lady named Olina. Olina is great. She loves the gospel, loves us missionaries, but she hadn't been to church in foreverrrrr. UNTIL. Sestra Scerra and I went over this past week and read a talk with her about Sacrament being a renewal for the Soul that was just given in Conference. We told her that she needed to come or she would continue to feel in down in the dumps. And, well just like that she agreed, on one condition. That we all wear black. Hahah and she came yesterday and we were all matching. 
It was Fast and Testimony meeting so naturally I got up there and gave a simple czech testimony. :)
We had a full house again which was great!
We had zone conference this past week, and the focus was on families. We contact once a week on Family History and it has made me want to know more about my own family! I don't have a whole lot of extra time to go looking, soooo Mom, Dad, Gma woman, could you pull together a few stories from our ancestors for me and send them to me?? That would be awesome! I am so fascinated with it! One day we will be able to meet all of those who have past before us and be with them forever. And in the meantime we can learn from them and the life experiences they had while on Earth! I am so grateful for the knowledge of eternal families.
When is the big day for Jake Crowley's Baptism??? I am so excited for you Jakie!
Hope Jade had a good Birthday as well!
Can you believe that it is already November?? Before you know it we'll be skyping at Christmas! Wowzers!

Alright I am so sorry, but I have to run. And I still haven't figured out how to send pictures.... ahaha so next week I promise!
Love you all so much!
Laska Vzdy,
Sestra Fredrickson
"Put Him first"

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