Monday, November 17, 2014

Power of Example

Ahoj my sweet family! 

Guess what another week has come and gone. An exciting one it has been!
Okay soooo Romana Měštanova, our recent convert's entire family have all decided that they want to be baptized! Her Mother (Jana), Father (Jirka), brother (Daniel), niece (Lucinka) and then she has her two kids Romanka and Daniček. The past couple of weeks they have all been coming to the activities that we have weekly like english, family home evening, and game night. We had a senior couple come this past Saturday and give us a little presentation on temples and the Měštanovi all came and then told us afterward that they all want to be baptized the last saturday of the transfer! We were STOKED!!!! Jirka (dad) hasn't quite decided that he wants to, but we have decided Jana wears the pants in the relationship and once she gets baptized, Jirka will follow suit. hahah but seriously, this is a christmas miracle! I am completely convinced of the power of example. Romana set the stage for her family and really paved the way for them to follow her example of following the example of Jesus Christ. All it takes is one and Romana was that one for her family. Ahhh it's great! We weill be teaching them lots in the upcoming weeks to get them ready for baptism by the 13th of December! The Měštanovi are fabulous and it has been amazing for me to watch how the Gospel has really impacted and changed their lives. They call me Sestra "Fran" hahah it's pretty funny. Czechs here have a pretty hard time pronouncing Fredrickson. 
Our Ukrainian Investigator Vasyl is also on date for baptism. His date is for next Friday! 
The Elders also have about 2-3 on date for baptism so if all goes well we will have 10 baptisms between the two companionships here in our little town of Ceske Budejovice! It is miraculous. The Lord is hastening the work! 

So today we got to go on a vylet (a trip) with the Elders to a castle called "Hluboka" It was soooooo COOOLLLLL. So unreal! It was a replica of Bowzers castle in Mario Kart combined with the Beauty and the Beast. ha We toured the grounds and then for about 4 dollars we got to go on a tour of some of the castle rooms. The family that lived in the Hluboka Zamek were obsessed with hunting, so there were deer heads EVERYWHERE. Everywhere inside and everywhere outside!!! The ones outside though are made out of cement or whatever and just have the real antlers. ha Its something else. I took some pics, but we don't have enough time again today. I'm so sorry, be patient with me. pictures will come sooner or later! haha Also, today was a very important holiday for the Czech Republic. It marks the anniversary of the "Velvet Revolution" I don't want to butcher the history so I am going to suggest that you go look that one up on google. ha but the city was a ghost town today. Everyone was inside enjoying their day off to remember those who sacraficed so much to gain freedom from communism.

We have been very busy teaching and planning for our upcoming concert. We sing a loottttt. Sestra Scerra has been so gracious to help train my vocals. Ha our concert will be more christmas based but we are doing it the last Sunday of November so we can catch more people and families to come. Once December hits everyone and their dog are busy busy preparing for Christmas. It should be good! :)

Alright that's all I got time for today! Looks like all of you are doing so good! Glad to hear the mail arrived. :) Thank you for all of your love and support. Keep being great and know that you are in my prayers! 

Dokud pristi tydenn. 

S Laskou
Sestra Fredrickson 

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