Monday, November 2, 2015

A Selfless Example / A Trio Comes to Town

Dobry Deeennnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Oh man, do I have news for all ya'll. Get ready!


VSECHNO NEJLEPSI (Happy Birthday) K Jadey Bug and Zacharias!! Thought about the two of you a lot yesterday! I hope that it was the best ever. :)

Utica Uniques
---> The water here tastes funny. :/ I'm just barelyyyy getting used to it. I've had to use lots of water flavoring the past two months.
---> They have a MILLION Dunkin' Doughnuts here. There is a DIPPIN' doughnuts right next to one of the Dunkin' doughnuts. So, do you DIP or do you DUNK? haha!
---> "BJ's" is the NY equivalent to Costco 
---> Syracuse and Cooperstown is in my mission here. Dope.


Yep, you read right. Sister Thao and I became parents-ish together this week! haha. We had a Sister Emergency Transfered to us this past Wednesday.. Her name is Sister Loveland! She is from Nampa, Idaho. 19 years old. A baker. A farmer. LOVES Camo. Has a creepy stuffed monkey that she sleeps with. Oh she is a sleep talker too. We have discovered that she has MANY celeberity look a likes based on voice, looks, and mannerisms. haha One of the most prominent look a likes being SNOW WHITE. The hair, the eyes--She's got it all. She's been out for 5 months now and has already brought us so much joy! Pics to follow:)


This girl ceases to amaze me. We had some pretty awesome lessons with her this past week. We had a young man (Tyler McCarthy) return from his mission a couple of weeks ago who went with us to a lesson on Friday and then Lily Cossey came with us yesterday. Tyler served in the Salt Lake City, Utah South mission! HOME! hahah so weird. He loved it though. And are we ever grateful to have him home! He is soooo in missionary mode still and we LOVE IT. heheh Alieanna still hasn't picked anyone to baptize her and in PMG it says to try not to have Elders do it if there are worthy priesthood holders in the ward who can. She hasn't developed a relationship with too many Men in the ward.. (whoops, maybe our bad? But she is a 16 year girl so that's kind of hard to do) So! We thought, who better to baptize her then Tyler, the RM or Curtis, The Future Missionary! Tyler sat in on the lesson when we did a mock baptismal interview, which is happening for Alieanna TOMORROW with our District Leader Elder Gatherum. Yay! Tonight we are taking Curtis to talk about Eternal Marriage, Temples, and Family History. Curtis told us he as great knowledge in that area from his whole 18 years of living. haha he's a goof. Alieanna told us she doesn't really care who baptizes her ha so we are giving her two options! We'll see who she chooses!

In our lesson on Friday, her little sister, Olivia, started crying because she really wants to be baptized with Alieanna, but she is only five. So she asked Alieanna WHY she wants to be baptized. This is how Alieanna responded.

"I want to be baptized to set an example for my family. I know that if I can do it, they can too."

The spirit filled the room immediately and we were all just speechless. Alieanna has taught me so much about selfless love and being an example. She has so much love for her family and determination to help them along the path back to Heavnly Father just as much as we do. There is no doubt in my mind that the Woodley family will one day be sealed in the temple for all time and eternity. What a glorious day that will be. 


Ohhh Nate. He is still on the radar, just moving at his own pace. He's still teaching me patience. He's a smart guy! I just want him to GET IT already!!!! hahah ah. We had dinner at the Mitchell's with him on Thursday and it went super well! We had Brother and Sister Mitchell bear their testimonies of how they came to know that Joseph Smith was/is a true prophet along with the church being restored to the Earth. After we passed around my scriptures and everyone read 1 verse from Joseph Smith History from verse 11-20. I have never felt the spirit so strongly before talking about Joseph Smith. Curtis, Lily, Tyler and another non-member friend of the Mitchell's was there so we had a big group there. It was just so amazing! I wish all of you could be there!! 


They had us over again last night. hahah (we were fed FIVE OUT OF THE SEVEN DAYS THIS WEEK)  we are SO spoiled by them! Curtis called us Friday and asked that we come for dinner and games so we could meet a friend of his from Jr. High/High School that was in town just for the weekend. Her name is Morgan Murray and is SO STINKIN CUTE. We made homemade pizzas, played Mouse Trap and Uno and then taught The Restoration to Morgan as a group. Tyler took the first point and then we followed suit with the rest. It was ANOTHER sweet experience. It was so neat to see Tyler (the RM) teach, then us (the CM - current missionaries) and then Curtis (the FM - Future Missionary). We are all at different levels of teaching and understanding, but we all were able to bring the spirit into the lesson in a way that spoke to Morgan. It was sick. Unfortunately, she is going to school near Rochester, so we aren't able to teach her. :( We gave her a Book of Mormon and got her info so we can a send a referral over to Rochester! They better be on it over there or else... ha 

There were so many other miracles that happened this week that I WOULD LOVE TO SHARE, but I just don't have time! 

I love this gospel so much. I LOVE being a missionary. There is no greater joy then sharing the gift of the Gospel. I feel like I am the happiest I have been, ever in my life. 

Until next week! Love ya'll to the Harvest moon and back! 

S laskou,

Sestra Fred 
We had a trunk or treat on Saturday with the ward. It was a blast!

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