Saturday, May 21, 2016

First Stake Created


Alright, don't hate me, but I only have 12 minutes to get this email written.. so I won't be able to format it the way I usually do so I am going to simply bear my testimony of the experience that we had here in the Czech Republic last weekend and share one cool missionary experience that Sisters Cade, Hale and myself has last week.

To be here for the creation of the first Stake in the Czech Republic was a gift from God to me.
I can't even begin to describe to you the spirit that was felt there as ALL of the Czech saints, missionaries, and even returned missionaries gathered together to watch one of the Lord's apostles preside as Prezident McConkie conducted the actual business. There wasn't a dry eye in the palace. To be in the presence of Dieter F. Uchtdorf nad his sweet wife was such a treat. He is hilarious and LOVES his wife. I know with all my heart that he is a chosen servant of God and that Tomas S. Monson is the Lord's prophet on Earth. The spirit hit me strongest when they announced the Patriarch, Bratr Canek. We had had lunch with him and his sweet wife just 3 days earlier. My patriarchal blessings is such a key source of strength and guidance for me and for the Czechs to have their own patriarch is such a huge blessing! They created 6 wards. Prague and Jicin being two of them! 

Czech out and you will get more of a glimpse of what it was like that day!
We had one of the neatest experiences this past week in Mlada Boleslav. We had a couple of lessons set up 
Thursday at the office. We went to wait on them and had studies on our backup plan. Unfortunately, both lessons 
fell through. We finished our studies and had 30 minutes to contact before we needed to be somewhere else. Just before leaving we prayed in faith asking that Heavenly Father would bless us with an opportunity to share what we had learned
in studies with someone we would meet during our 30 minute contacting block. We stepped out into the real world of Boleslav
and talked to the first person we saw. He politely declined and we went on to the next man we saw dropping books in the book return for the library. We contacted him about Jesus Christ being the light of the world and our lives. As we began to
talk with this man we went on to express his opinion about how you can not know that God and Jesus Christ exist without hard evidence. We told him that we do have evidence. It is the Book of Mormon. Do you have five minutes so that we can tell you more about how you can know for yourself that it is evidence that you are looking for. Typically when we ask people this, they say no, no I am busy. But this man paused and looked at all three of us and finally said, Okay. Five minutes. That's it. I was STOKED. We walked with him back to our office and taught him simply by using short powerful statements and testimony of the Restoration and Book of Mormon along with a few verses. Just what we had studied and practiced in Comp Study. The spirit was so strong and I know that that man felt the Holy Ghost. Watching the spirit bear truth to people like this man in just 5 minutes and seeing the change in the persons countenance is something that will never get old. Sadly, the man lives 30 minutes outside of Mlada and only comes here once a year. We told him we could come to him but he wouldn't accept our offer. But, I do know that those 5 minutes that we had with him were important for him to learn about the restored gospel and come a litter closer to knowing the one real God and Savior. I also know that he was an answer to 3 missionaries prayer.
It's moments like these that I know there is a God who exists. I am so grateful for the power of prayer and the power of the Holy Ghost. 

I gotta run!
Sorry this email was all over the place. 
I will send more info about the stake and such next week!
Love you!

S laskou,
Sestra Fred🌻

The Conference was held in the Zofin Palace

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