Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spiritual Buzz in the Air

My Dear Family and Friends,

The Czech air is THICK with spiritual and buzz and excitement.
I wish that you could all be here to experience the history that is about
to be made within the next 48 hours! 

Mommy I hope that you had the best mothers day. It was so good to 
see YOU! And of course the rest of the Grizzwalds. :) 
I also hope that all the other moms out there had a great day. I have
been so blessed with so many influential mothers in my life. I look up
to and admire each and every one of you. Moms are the best!

---> We saw 11 dogs on our morning run through the park in near our Prague
      apartment yesterday morning. 
---> The cloth upholstery on the metro has castles on it and it's purple! 
---> I got separted from Sestry Hale and Cade on the tram last night and 
      they ran after me and were right there to greet me with open arms at
      the next tram stops. ha ha I have the best comps.

We had an amazing and unique opportunity to be trained by Johnathan Johnson from the 
More Good Foundation and 2 representatives from Church Website/online department in 
Germany. We learned how we can strengthen our gathering using our internet resources.
We helped create more content on the Czech LDS website so when people go to look up what
a Prophet is there will be information there for them to read instead of nothing. Sisters Cade, Hale 
and I along with Elders Smith and Brockbank from our Boleslav district were trained by Brother Johnson on how to make MEMES. We straight up made a meme together! It was legit and so fun and easy! I will attach it to this email. :) 

We missionaries that were trained on it will be responsible to train the other missionaries along 
with the members and YSA on how to use the sites effectively to build our Czech gospel content on the Internet. We are so excited for this new push of using the Inter-NET to gather the elect. It's going to be awesome! After it was all said and done I gained a greater testimony of how the internet
can be such an amazing resource to help hasten the Lord's work.

We are got past our fear of man and extended baptismal dates to two of our gators in Prague yesterday. We will be fasting with Vince started today at 12 and will end at 12 tomorrow just after
the FIRST STAKE will have been created. We are certain that this time around he will get his answer that he is ready to take is next step in following Christ and be baptized. Keep him in your
prayers! We also invited our 11 year old Daniel Broz to be baptized yesterday. The spirit was so 
strong as we did so and I felt so much love for this little boy. Over the past two months we have been having English lessons and ending with spiritual thoughts and mini lessons about the Restored Gospel. He came to General Conference, Kody's baptismal service and will be coming this weekend to the historic conference. He said that it is something that he will need to think about but that he would like to follow Jesus and be baptized. We all had teary eyes at the end of the lesson. I love this little boy! When I see him I see my nephews. 

Next week I will give a whole email dedicated to this event. Hold tight until then. :)

I am so grateful to be here. I AM SO BLESSED. I know that God is in this work. I know that
He is a God of order and like it says in Mosiah 4:27 we can not run faster then we are able. Time and patience is required for us to allow God to work His marvelous work among us. 
I would like to invite all of you to take some time to see how God is working a marvelous work and a wonder in each of your individual lives. 

God is in the Heavens. Jesus is the Christ. This is their church and their Gospel!

I love you all! 

S laskou,
Sestra Fred 🌻

​This is the meme we came up with. Sick huh?!

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