Saturday, March 19, 2016

Miracles At The End of The Tramvaj Line


I don't know why, but I have been reeeeaaaalllll homesick this week. 
Maybe it's because of that BRAND NEW BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!
UGHHHH you have noo idea how badly I wish I could crawl through the computer
just so I could hold our newest member of the Grizzwald clan!

-> Angela Marie, C O N G R A U L A T I O N S big sis. I couldn't be more thrilled for you.
I love your daughter, Savannah Angela Crowley already! I still can't believe that you are 
a mom to a little baby girl. It almost doesn't seem right. haha! 
-> Mommy! Happiest Birthday to you! I hope that you had the best day celebrating 
not only your birth, but the birth of your new grand-baby as well. :) 
-> Go Lady Red Devil Softball. Way to kill it on the dirt Boo boo!

---> The contact lens, sugar cube, and the word Robot were all created in the CZ.
---> Girls don't plat soccer here. At all! It is consider only a male sport.
---> I was able to wear only a cardigan last Thursday while out contacting. It was refreshing.
---> I ate fried cheese! It's actually really good... and one of Prezident's favorites. 
---> More times then not, Sister Andreason and I wake up and neither of us know what day of the week it is. ha ha it's actually pretty funny.


My thought this week comes from 3 Nefi 21:25-26, focusing on verse 25.

 25 And then shall the power of heaven come down among them; and I also will be in the midst.
26 And then shall the work of the Father commence at that day, even when this gospel shall be preached among the remnant of this people. 
Verily I say unto you, at that day shall the work of the Father commence among all the dispersed of my people,
yea, even the tribes which have been lost, which the Father hath led away out of Jerusalem.

I needed the reminder in verse 25, especially this week. We had a really good week, but we saw a lot of rejection as well.
But I know that even among the midst of rejection the Savior is still right there working along side me. 


We got the car on Monday of this week and it has been so helpful! We don't have set days where we are in Prague and Mlada. We had kind
of tried that, but it still didn't feel right. After talking to President about it during call in's last Monday he gave us the analogy of spinning two plates
at a time. At times one plate will be steady and stable, not needing any immediate attention while the other plate needs some extra push and vice versa.
He told us that we are spiritual people and we will have to pay attention to which area needs more attention at which time. 

I feel like I have had to increase spiritually to spin the two plates we got going, which hasn't been as easy as it sounds.
Let me share with you a neat spiritual experience that Sister Andreason and I concerning the matter of balancing time
between two areas.

It was Thursday morning just after having brunch with Sister Bursova in Mlada Boleslav. We needed to go to the computer cafe to check referrals and
print off tracting letters. As we were doing that we realized that we mis-planned a little bit where we would be doing a lot of unnecessary driving this weekend
going back and forth between the two areas trying to meet with people that we had already set up with. 
We both began to get frustrated, as we were trying to work through our predicament. It was getting to the point where I was going to lose it, so I had the 
thought, ïnclude God in this." I then asked Sestra Andreason if we could pause and say a pray. 
We prayed for guidance to know best how to use our time and the miles this weekend going between Prague and Boleslav
and to help us know which people were of most importance to see. 
Before I even ended the prayer I immediately had a thought come to mind. 
After closing the prayer I looked at sister Andreason and said I have an idea, but you go first to 
see if it is the same one. She started and I finished her sentence.
It was one of the coolest moments. Definitely one that I will never forget. By including God, we were able to
drive out the spirit of contention that was about to enter our companionship and we received revelation and guidance to our 
concern. I know that prayer works and that God lives! He is truly the best! 


Sister Andreason and I had the coolest experience Thursday night traveling home at the end of the day after having a lesson with Mia, our gator! 
(We taught her the Ice Cream Sunday lesson with a member and she loved it :)
Most of the time we take the Metro home, but this night in particular we decided to take the tramvaj because we had extra 
things we were carrying and it is a little easier to take the tramvaj in such cases. We sat down and started talking to this couple just across the way, heading
to the Dentist. The woman had a big tooth ache. Poor thing. They were pretty cool. Seemed interested, so we got their number and invited them to church!

In the mean time, the tram is starting to fill with more and more people. A drunk guy just in front of us and then a cute couple standing just beside us. 
The drunk guy is listening in our our conversation with the people across from us, and tells us not to listen to anything they are saying. I was so confused, so 
we invited him to church too. When the drunk man and the Dentist going couple got off, Sister Andreason and I realized that we had no idea where we were, and it was
already almost 9:30. As we are frantically trying to figure out where we are, the couple standing just beside us asks us what stop we needed. When telling them,
they gave a slight sympathetic laugh and told us that that particular stop was quite a ways back. Ha we had a good laugh with them and then started asking them
where they were from and such. They are from Croatia, but are living and working here in Prague. They are learning Czech, but speak great English.

After introducing ourselves and such, they motioned us to get off with them and they would help us figure out which tram we needed to get on to get back home.
SO NICE! They looked up the trams on their phones and then offered to walk us in the direction of where we needed to be at. At this point I was completely in love with these
two people and was bound and determined to get them to meet with us again. ha ha As we walked to the tram stop we needed to be a,t we had a good discussion with the 
two of them about who we are as missionaries, our purpose in being here, their religious veiws, etc. Lily LOVED everything we had to say. She is very religious and has seen our church
building before and has always been curious about checking it out, but just hasn't. Vit on the other hand, he is super cool and super chill, but he is "still finding is way."

We asked them this question: Do you feel that having the same foundation in faith would strengthen your relationship with one another? We asked this because it was obvious
that they were completely and utterly love with one another and we felt strongly that that point of the gospel -- the gospel strengthens families/relationships was totally applicable
to them, especially since Vit isn't entirely a believer. 

These were their respones: 
Vit said, Oh well I don't know. I mean yeah maybe. 
But what Lily said really touched my heart.
She said, "I feel that our relationship is strong right now, but that yes maybe it could. But what I truly hope and wish
                 is that one day we will both meet the same God after this life."

It was absolutely beautiful. 

We exchanged numbers with Lily. By the end of our conversation she kept saying, you know what I'd really like to meet with the
two of you again and attend church. You both have such great positive energy radiating from you. She then told me that I reminded
her of Vit's younger sister. haah! yes! 

Just as we were about to say goodbye I told them that God doesn't do random and that Sister Andreason and I were supposed to miss
our tram stop and that we were supposed to meet them and have those precious moments together lost in the streets of Prague. 

I am so grateful that I get to be a missionary and have experiences like the one I just described. 
We have experiences like these almost everyday. I wish I had time to share all of them with you! 

I want you to know that Jesus is. That He lives. 

Sestra Fred 🌻

​We were there to see the Relief society women hold the glorious Green hymn books for the first
time Thursday evening in Prague. History being made everybody.

Eatin' some Vietnamese food. Not my fave.

Adele. She's a member and going to be our new running buddy!

Mia not wanting her pic taken. ha!

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