Monday, July 18, 2016

A Moment on the Most

Mon, Jul 18, 2016

A Moment on the Most

Hello, hello, helloooo.

We have had blue skies and finally some warm weather today.
It rained almost every day last week. It was awesome! I love the storms here:) The C-Budites have been busily going all day long.
We visited the post office and it was nuts! We made a new friend there. Her name is.. I can't remember right now. ha but she was so bright and cheery even amongst all the madness that was happening! I really appreciated that.

Sestra Hale... všechno nejlepší. I love and miss you so much.
Zdenda was baptized and confirmed a member this past weekend.
My heart is so full. 
Happiest birthday to Megan Walker (GOLDEN) and Gma Inez on the 22nd:)
Tomasz Gnewick... I miss you and Ester! 

---> In old Czech the last name of Křešnička meant: to be left-handed. 
       And it is said that everyone with that name is left-handed as well... But Bratr Křešnička and in his family they switch from left to right handed every other generation for at least 4 generations. ha ha kinda funny.
---> Czech's knock on their teeth instead of wood for good karma. They say that teeth are more reliable and last longer. ha!
-->  20 years ago there wasn't any COLOR in C-BUD. All the architecture was colorless.

Alma 28: 1-2
We had exchanges with the STL's while we were in Prague. While Sestra Manners and I were having comp study I asked her what her favorite verse/chapter is in the Book of Mormon and she shared Alma 38 with me. She told me that this chapter is her "missionary work pump up" chapter. :)
I think that it could be a missionary pump up for all of us as members of Christ's church. As you read, insert your name where appropriate. :)

  My songive ear to my words, for say unto you, evenas said unto Helaman, that inasmuch  as ye shall keep the commandments of God ye shall prosper in the landand inasmuch as ye will  not keep the commandments of God ye shall be cut off from his presence.
 And now, my son, trust that shall have great joy in youbecause of your steadiness and your  faithfulness unto Godfor as you have commenced in your youth to look to the Lord your God, even so hope that you will continue in keeping his commandments; for blessed is he that endureth to the end.
Life is full of ups and downs. I was telling Sestra Hill how funny it is on the mission concerning emotions. I'll tell you what. We experience almost EVERY emotion, EVERY day. It can be quite exhausting. ha ha but all along the way I can testify that I have found comfort in keeping the commandments. I have especially found great joy in keeping the "mission commandments" that are found in the white-hand book. I know that if we are steady and faithful in keeping the commandments God has given us, we will always be at peace in our hearts, souls, and minds. Let us all be faithful to the end my friends!
There were 10 people at church on Sunday, including the 4 of us missionaries. Our meetings here in CBud last for 2 hours. We enjoyed a very nice lesson given by Bratr Rybak for Sunday school. During Sacrament we heard from our amazing Branch Prezident along with Elder Dean and Sestra Hill. 
Our sweet recent convert, Ellie, gave the closing prayer.
We sat and talked amongst ourselves for about 30 minutes or so. No one in real rush to leave.
In that moment I felt a different kind of love for the people that I was surrounded by and the atmosphere that had be created by chidren of God doing their best to follow the example of Chirst. It was a real tender moment, when the spirit whispered to me that these are good people and I need to give them my absolute best along with giving my best to my Savior. 
I am so lucky to be here!

After church yesterday we decided to go out and contact on what we actually learned AT CHURCH. I felt that it has been one my brightest ideas yet. haha I LOVED kontakting people on what we had learned. We have been on the hunt for mostly men who can fill leadership positions so we can get this branch rollin' here in CBud. We ran into a JW family and had a pleasant exchange. Shared favorite Bible scrips atd. We were headed home to grab some lunch when we saw a man in large stature pushing a stroller. TARGET ACQUIRED. TARGET ACQUIRED. We made eye contact and waved from across the street. I turned to Sestra Hill and I said, "We're going after him!!!" hahah We run after him and catch him hafway across the bridge. We begin to talk to this man who has tatoos running down his arms. As we bavit the Spirit started to lead the conversation and he shares with us that his belief in God stopped when parents and another loved one passed away. We testified of the Plan of Salvation and that he and his family can be together forever. Then comes the question....
"What should I do so that this can happen for me?"
The spirit was SO strong. We told him that he can have these blessings by applying the teachings of Jesus Christ in his life, being baptized, and enduring to the end, atd.  We also testified that the experiences that he has had in his life, like losing his parents is preparing him to receive the Restored Gospel. 
He asked that he could take the Plan pamphlet  and then exhanged numbers with us. 
About 30 minutes later, he texted thanking us for the uplifting conversation and that we had great Czech. ha ha two in one. ;) 
We have on plan to set up an appointment due to his crazy work schedule. 
From this experience, I gained a stronger testimony of the Spirit and its' role in leading and guiding us to those who are being prepared to accept the Gospel. 

Theeeee funnieessttttt thing happened on Friday after game night. 
Each time we leave the building we are to check the 3 closet rooms downstairs for homeless people. Sestra Hill was the one to check them on Friday and she hit the jackpot! hahahahahah she found someone in the 3rd and final door she checked and came screaming out of the building like a baboon. bahahahah I laughed for about an hour after. Okay lets be honest. I am still laughing about it. hahahah I love missions.

An investigator! She is golden!
I will share more next week!

Have the best week! I love you all!
Thank you for your prayers and emails!
Sestra Fred 🌻

The Sabbath Day 

Exchanges-Sestra Fred- Manners-Boza-Hill
Soakin' Wet-Sestra Hill and Sestra Fredrickson

Lunch break with Prezident and Sestra Pohořiliči. :)

The Interview!
Sestra Boza spent almost the entire day with Prezident and Sestra Poho along with the Public Relations Advisor Sestra Gordon-Smith.
It was an absolute BLAST. Such a neat experience. A little nerve racking, but I had my rock of a companion by my side. It was just like old times. :)

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