Monday, July 4, 2016

H a p p y Fourth !

H a p p y Fourth !

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Subject: H a p p y Fourth !

Hello hello hello!!

Soo many changes all at once. Are you ready??

Happy Birthday America! We are so blessed to live in the country that we do.
Alexis I meant to say the 27th of June not the 26th. ha ha so sorry!
McConkies arrived home sometime last weekend. yay! Job well done.

Mom, Dad, family! Their homecoming is this Sunday. Please go for me!
July 10 at 12:30. Address is 1500 East 2700 South (next to the Cardon School). It is the Imperial II Ward, Salt Lake Highland Stake. 

Charms of C-BUD:
---> Sea doos and Jet skis are called Water Scooters. ha! I love it.
---> Czech fire hydrants are green and black. 
---> Cesky pet names are ladybug and beetle. (That might have been a repeat. sorry.)

Our new mission prezident and wife arrived safe and sound this week. They are ABSOLUTELY DARLING. Our meet the prezident training went so well and get this.. it was ALL IN CZECH. Sooooooo coooooolllllll. This spirit was SO strong! I felt an increased amount of the gift of tongues that is for sure. I am so excited to have more czech incorporated our zone conferences and other various aspects of the work. I have strong faith and belief that ALL of us will have an increased amount of gift with the language, because Heavenly Father needs us to. The gates have been opened and the horses are a runnin' everyone! The Lord is hastening His work in the Czech and Slovak mission. I am SO HAPPY TO BE HERE.

Sestra Poho (she gave us permission to use that as a nickname.) sat Sestry Hill, Manners, Cade, Hale and I down at the training and gave us all diamond earrings. With them, her message was this: The diamond is one of the hardest stone to harvest as it is found deep within the Earth. But as it is revealed and the sun hits it, a marvelous light is reflected off of it. She compared the diamond earrings to us as her sister missionaries. She told us that we are her light and are so precious to her. How SWEET IS SHE?? Love her already.  

ohhh our sweet Zdenda. He is stone solid. He did not get baptized on Saturday as we had hoped. He texted us Friday night with some concerns. We called him and talked to him for awhile about it. We asked that he would pray about it and get back to us in the morning. We still hadn't heard from him when 9 a.m. rolled around so we gave him a call. He red buttoned and then texted saying, give me 15 more minutes. I still need to pray some more. 

He called a short time later and shared with us how he feels that God wants him to get baptized, but he needs him to wait a little longer and be sure of a few other things before he commits to baptism. He said that it isn't a matter of faith or belief in the Gospel. He knows that it is true and that through Joseph Smith the Gospel was restored. He simply wants to be sure of himself so he can be a strong member in the Church and not fall away in the future. 


He came to church yesterday. We taught with a member couple. It was simply beautiful. I am not worried one bit about Zdenda. He is on the right track. We anticipate that he will be baptized in the upcoming month. So good!

You better fasten your seat belts for this announcement. hahah 
Get set....

The first shall be last and the last shall be first everyone.
I will be completing this mission journey of mine in the place where it all
began. When Elder Needham (MTC Elder of mine) called me to share the news with 
me I was honestly stunned. I had to ask him to repeat it a couple of times to make sure that I heard correctly. ha ha 
At first I was way sad to have to leave Mlada Boleslav, but after the intial shock of it wore off I felt an enormous amount of love and peace from my Father in Heaven. He knows me. I know He knows me. I know that because of the way I have seen him work miracles in my life and in the lives of others the past 2 years of my life. I feel so fortunate to finish where I started. It juts makes sense ya know?

I will be follow up training Sister Hill! She reins from Houston, Texas.
She desires to have a hedgehog one day. 2 sisters 3 brothers she has.
She loves music! Especially.... Classical. :)

I am SO stoked to start running these streets again. God doesn't do random... and he also has a funny sense of humor. ha ha Here's to a great transfer ahead of us. 

Sestra Cade will stay in Mlada Boleslav and will be follow up trained by Sestra Heap
WHO was with us the DAY WE MET ZDENDA. God knows what he is doing. :)

Love you all! 
Be safe shooting off fireworks and such. 

S laskou,

Sestra Fred

I love this man. Bratr Martinec.

Grilovani Fun :)

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