Thursday, September 25, 2014


Ahoy, ahoy, ahoy!

I leave in 18 days. EIGHTEEN DAYS!!!! It is an incredible feeling. I am SO stoked, and so nervous at the same time. Today we got an email from one of the Sisters that works in the mission office that was information about what our first couple of days will be like when we get there and don't worry, the first day we get to take a walk around Prague and go into the "Old Town" and have dinner with President McConkie and his wife/family and the Slovak missionaries. Haha be jealous. ;)

This past week was pretty jammed packed with some super awesome things. 

Jeden: I forgot to mention this last week, but when I was sick the Starší in my district gave me a priesthood blessing. It was a really neat and special experience for me. I am so grateful for the priesthood and for the power that is in it. They also gave one to Sestra Holland this past week. Our Starší are the best. 

Dva: The Ogden temple dedication was sooo cool. I hope all of you got to watch it. We sat at the very back/top of the auditorium which was so prime. Watching all of the missionaries wave their white handkerchiefs while saying the Hosanna shout is something that I will never forget. I loved the words that were spoken by the prophet, "Love the temple. Appreciate the temple. Attend the temple." And I don't know if any of you caught it, but.. us Czech/Slovak missionaries totally got a shout out from President Monson himself when he mentioned Olega and Jiri who are from the Czech Republic and had a great appreciation for the temple. No big deal. Ha it was awesome though, all of us did a little gasp when he said that. 

Tři: We got to hear from ANOTHER APOSTLE! Two weeks in a row! Can you believe that?! We are so lucky. I am totally convinced that I chose the perfect time to serve because by the time I leave I will have gotten to experience 2 devotionals where apostles spoke, a temple dedication, and General Conference all in the MTC. Wow, it is great and I love it! 
Anywayyy, we got to hear from M. Russell Ballard this week. He is such a stud. He talked a lot about setting goals. He said, "Life is a process of setting goals. Make it a point to set a wisesensibleattainable goal as needed hourlyminutely, and secondly." How awesome is that? 

čtyří: I have officially memorized "My Purpose" and the First Vision in Czech. I learned the First Vision in a little less than a week. It was quite the feat for me. haha I can testify to you that if you really put your mind to something or anything and have the determination and desire to get it done, YOU CAN DO IT. I also discovered my favoriteCzech word. It is švagrova. It means sister-in-law, which is totally serendipitous because I have the BEST švagrovy in the world and I will get to use it all the time when I am talking about my family to people in Czech! hahahah it really is the funnest word to say. Go look it up on google translate and try it out for yourself. 

Pět: The new Croatian/Slovenian/Bulgarians arrived yesterday! They are all so cute and frazzled. Haha I remember being like that my first couple weeks. Oh how great it is to be considered "the old ones" now. Watching the last Croatians and Slovenians leave on Monday kind of put into perspective for us that the day will come when we will actually get/have to leave the MTC. Haha most days I just feel like I am at like a spiritual EFY camp and I'll come home when I'm done here. Too funny. 

šest: One of our teachers, Bratr Thompson, is leaving us today. :( He got offered a full-time position at his other job and his time here was almost up anyway so he is moving onto the next chapter of his life. Last night we had our last lesson with our investigator Honza who Bratr Thompson acted as and it was so so sad. When we finished our lesson on having desire and determination to gain a testimony of the gospel he promised us he would put in the work he needs to to come unto Christ and he then he says, looking down at the ground, "Ja jsem šmutný" which means I am sad. He didn't want to "move" as much as we didn't want him to. It was the saddest thing ever. I do not like goodbyes! Love Honza. Love Bratr Thompson. We all got him some funny going away cards that I'm sure he'll get a kick out of. 

I got the Bubba/Luann and Angela package! I also got one from Susie Smith this week. You are all saints. Thank you SO much for sending those things to me! 
I am so grateful for ALL of you! You are in my prayers daily! 
I am so thankful for this Gospel, and for the opportunity I have to share it with the world. I know my savior lives!

Have a fantasticcc week!!! 

Láska Vzdý,
Sestra Fred

P.s. I get to hear your voices in 2 1/2 weeks!!!!! :)
P.p.s. Take lots of pictures of Boo boo this weekend!! Her first High school dance... Dad. How has this happened??? She is not old enough!
P.p.p.s. The Fredrickson and Crowley houses are coming along nicely aren't they!? Can't wait to see them be finished!! 
P.p.p.p.s. Tell "THE MIND" congrats on tying the knot! Carly Ann, You looked STUNNING in the pic dad sent me! 
P.p.p.p.p.s. Miss you my family! Love you oodles.

 ​Our last night with the Croatian/Slovenian Sisters. Sestra Vukuopera's double fist pump says it all. hahah love these Sestry!

​We are all wearing Sestra Clark's skirts. haha she is always so good share her clothes with us.

Temple walk in the rain with Sestra Holland. 

We found Elder Niu - MTC Temple walk. 

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