Thursday, September 11, 2014


Uhmmmmm Hellloooooo family! 

First off, it is September 11, so lets start by taking a moment and remember those who were lost on 9/11/2001. I've been thinking about Tyler and Whitney all day and their trip out there to see the memorial. I bet it is neat for them to look back on their experience there. 

Okay! Soooooooo. We have officially hit my halfway mark of the MTC! YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAY!  Seriously though. I can not believe it has already been a month. Like, what the? I am starting to stress because I only have short 4 1/2 more weeks to go to perfect my Ceksy! Yikes. hah. Continue to pray for us to have the gift of tongues! We celebrated our Halfway mark by sharing a cinnamon roll together at the temple this morning after our session. hahah it was cute. Love my Sestry. 

This past week Sestra Holland and I had a few rough lessons with our investigators. Martin always falls asleep on us (he is constantly yawning) and Honza is just a tough nut. You really have to crack him to get in to open up and share things. So, we thought that maybe to spice up our lessons a little bit and make them more lively we would try an object lesson. We were teaching Honza about the Plan of Salvation and the importance of needing to come to Earth to receive a body, tak, we decided it would be a good idea to throw in a little head, shoulders, knees and toes. Ohhhhh how well it did NOT go. hahahaha after we did it I had my first language slip up and said something completely off topic and Sestra holland just LOST IT. She could notttt stop laughing. I tried to keep my composure but you all know how well I can stifle back a laugh. hahah anyways, the moral of the story is, head shoulder knees and toes is not so effective in bringing the spirit into the room/lesson. YOU CAN NOT TEACH WITHOUT THE SPIRIT. We learned that the hard way on Monday. The last couple days we have really been focusing on being more prepared and APPLYING what we are teaching TO our investigator and to teach our investigator NOT the lesson. We had a lesson with both Martin and Honza yesterday and they went SOOOOO much better. I know it is because we were better prepared and we listened to the Holy Ghost throughout the lesson to give us direction as to what to say that Martin and Honza needed to hear. Teaching by the spirit is SOcrucial. The spirit is what is going to convert you and I and everyone in the world who learns about the gospel. 

We had a member of the seventy come on Tuesday and speak to us. His name is Brother Satati. Total stud. Both him and his cute wife had some really awesome things to say.

Sister Satati's counsel was to REMEMBER. Remember who you are, to listen carefully, to say I'm sorry. Remember all the promises the Lord has given us if we do what He asks. Remember to be grateful, to have a kind regard. Loved that. We need to always remember all of those things! She also talked about "Staying out of Dark Alleys." We all have our dark alley's that we find ourselves in at one point or another. As weremember and be faithful in keeping our covenants, the commandments and being obedient to do the little things like reading our scriptures, going to church, praying we can keep ourselves from entering those dark alleys. 
Brother Satati's thoughts were that the restored gospel is the best gift that any of us have ever or will ever receive in this life--there is NO greater hope offered to man than the restored gospel. There truly isn't! Don't take it for granted for not even one second. He also emphasized keeping and honoring your covenants with God. "We will leave spiritual footprints wherever we may walk when we keep our covenants." 

Whoops! sorry didn't mean to press send! Ha! Anyway, Love that last quote by Brother Satati. Great devotional.

Uhmmm I am trying to think of anything funny that has happened this last week.... All the days just blur together. haha
My knees pop everytime we kneel down to pray together as a class.  Bratr Knapp told me I'm going to need a knee replacement at the age of 22 when I get home from my mission. hah. One of the TRC corridinators came by last night to give us our times for our lessons and as he left Sestra Holland yelled out "SMRT" to say "goodbye" to him, but Smrt actually means death. hahahah she doesn't enjoy TRC much. Sestra Clark and have been ballin' with some of the Croatian Elders in our zone during gym time. Man, I forgot how much I love basketball. So fun! 

Alrighty well, that is all for now! I am beyond happy to be serving as a missionary. What a blessing it is to be apart of Heavenly Father's army! 
Have a Skevele week! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Láska Vzdy,
Sestra Fredrickson

 These two are from the Ville! Sister Patten and Elder Averett.

 Love my Sestra H.
Sestra Holland and I with the Croatian Elders and the Poland sisters 

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