Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tyden Tri :)

Ahoy, Ahoy, Ahoy můj rodinu!

Ohhhh my my my, what a week! So many things I have to say this week! I think it would be appropriate to start off my email with the day of September 3, 2014. 

Yesterday was hands down THE best day EVER. I received not one, not even two, but THREE PACKAGES yesterday!!! hahahahah I got one from Pam Tuft Tuesday night but didn't get it till yesterday after lunch. She is a saint. Please tell you THANK YOU for me! When we got back to the classroom Starši Cook brought me ANOTHER package slip. I was SO excited! hah Sestra Holland and I ran back to the Mail room to pick it up and it was my blanket. Ahhhh it turned out SO good!!! Tell Carrie thank you for me as well!! and the Coconut cashews are a hit with Sestra Holland. She loves them. When we got back from dinner I had yet ANOTHER package slip! I bet you could only imagine what my reaction was to a third package slip. It was like Christmas day but a million times better. HA! The third package was from Angela Marie. She came through with some "Tastey" doughnuts. They never tasted sooooo good. We devoured them all last night. No judging. hahah Thank you Angie!!! So there's the best day ever for you. It was obviously the highlight of my week. Way to go Pam, Mom/Carrie, and Ang for being on the same page and being my mail angels. :)\

Alright so! This past week has been so awesome. Here are some of the funnies first!

We discovered the "cream soda tree." There is a tree just outside our building that smells just like cream soda. Not even lying. haha I wonder if Clarkie or T.Fred ever discovered that while here. 

Sestra Holland and Sestra Clark know EVERY episode of sponge bob by heart. and you better believe they quote it daily. Ha. It's actually pretty funny. 

During Companionship study on Monday, Sestra Holland and I were outside on some benches where there were some cheeto crumbs around our feet. This little birdy came up and started to eat the cheetos and he totally got a cheeto mustache. HAHAHAH it was quite possibly the funniest thing I have seen here at the MTC, maybe even ever in my entire life. The funniest part was the little bird would "sneak" up and grab a cheeto, run away because he thought we were going to get him, and then come back for more. hahhaha oh man, it was hilarious. Who knew a bird could be so entertaining.

During our "5 minute breaks" from class our teachers always have to come out into the hall and herd us back into the classroom. Brother Mullen started saying the phrase, "Ja jsem dobrz pastýř" as he comes out to get us. The phrase means, "I am the good shepherd." hahah He's our most serious teacher, so when he says little comments like that it's pretty funny. 

We learned Cases this week in Czech... Oh man they are something else! I am starting to really begin to know what clarkie went through with Russian. Brother Knapp began teaching us cases on Saturday... when he left and shut the door behind him, Sestra Holland says, "B. Knapp just pooped on our heads and left." HAHA. it was hilarious. Cases are going to be a doozy, but we will get them! :)

We made a new Czech friend here at the MTC! His name is Elder žaharek. He is serving his mission here at the MTC. He is a convert to the church and is the sweetest Elder ever. He sits with us at meals sometimes so we get to talk to him about Czech and what to expect. He will be returning back to Czech while we are there so we are hoping that we will get to run into him at some point during our missions!

Mmmmkayy now for the more spiritual parts of the week.

One thing Sestra Holland and I have begun doing before companionship study is singing Hymns in Czech, mostly just "There is a Green Hill Far Away" I love singing with her especially in Czech. It is one of my most favorite things to do.

The Devotional on Sunday was all about keeping a study journal and the great importance of doing so. It is important because, whatever we take the time to write down, Heavenly Father knows is important to us. It is also a tool in helping us to recognize and understand how the Lord speaks to us. As missionaries that is something that we definitely need to master. I am focusing on writing things down more from what the spirit teaches me than what I read from paper or hear during devotionals.

The Tuesday devotional was incredible. It was focused on some of the realistic things that we as missionaries can do and take control of when we get out into the field. One of the things Elder Clarke touched on was that, "Any convert worth baptizing, is worth saving." Following this statement, he asked everyone in the congregation that had a family member or friend inactive in the church to stand. I was completely SHOCKEDwhen EVERY single person in the huge room stood up. Every single missionary in the room. When I thought of missionary work before coming to the MTC I only ever really thought of the work revolving around baptisms. After Tuesday night, I realized how important it is to contact those less-actives. Their souls are just as important to save as those who have yet to be baptized. I know there is someone you all know at home that needs to hear and be reminded of the good news of the gospel. Don't give up on the lost sheep! They need our desperately need our love, and Heavenly Fathers! 

One last thought.... Our branch president shared this with us on Sunday in Sacrament... It really caused me to reflect on who I am and what I am becoming. He asked us, "How will Heavenly Father introduce you?"

Keep striving to be the best the best you you can be! 

Love you my family! Until next week! 

Sestra Fred :)

 We loved the doughnuts!!

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