Thursday, October 9, 2014

Week of "Lasts"


I better begin by giving the BEST little sister in the whole wide world a big SWEET SIXTEEN birthday shoutout!!! NAROZENINY Boo boo!! I hope the day is as sweet as they come! :) Now stop growing up okay? LOVE YOU.

Okay, wow. My week of lasts here at the MTC has been full of so much excitement! Let's begin with General Conference. Not too many people get to have the experience of watching 10 hours of conference goodness in hard plastic chairs at the MTC, but guess what? I did!!! And it was pure bliss. haha Sooooo much spiritual nourishment in two days! I went into conference with a few different questions, and all of them were answered by the words that were spoken the speakers as well as by the spirit to me personally. I could go on for days with all my notes and thoughts, but for time sake I will just give you one thought I loved most. D. Todd Christofferson ( which I came to the conclusion that he reminds me of good ol' Rusty Shaw. ha! )  talked a lot about moral agency. He said, "Take responsibility and go to work, so God has something to help us with." I loved that because if we are not doing our part to be anxiously engaged in the gospel, school, anything then there really isn't anything that Heavenly Father can do to help us progress and reach the divine potential that he sees in us and wants SO badly for us to reach. Loved that. I have always loved General Conference, but Sister Marchbanks is right, as a missionary it is like Christmas weekend X 10000000. It was the perfect way to end my MTC journey and the spiritual boost I needed going into the field... 

That is right, I am flying away from the land Deseret to my new home on Monday! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA. We got our flight plans a week ago and we have been all giddy since. We leave at 7:00 a.m. Monday morning from the MTC. We fly from SLC to Dallas/Fortworth, Texas, from Texas to LONDON, ENGLAND and from England to our beloved PRAGUE. Our flight leaves SLC at 12:15 on Monday. I am not exactlyy sure what time we will be calling home.. We will get checked in and everything taken care of before we do so I am going to say between 8:30-10:00. Mom, Dad, Mary Grace make sure you are home! And I will try to call the rest of you too. :) Send me your numbers in a quick email and I will check itSunday and write them down. Can't wait to hear all of your beautiful voices! It has been too long! 

After 9 weeks of being here, we finally were given the chance to host. It was so fun! I got to host 3 Sisters. One going to Argentina, Jamaica, and North Carolina (hollllaaaa.) They were great, and will be great missionaries. The sister going to Argentina and her family were having a cry fest at the curbside dropping her off. I almost joined in with them. Hahaha such a bittersweet day. 

Sestra Holland and I had the opportunity to demonstrate "How to Begin Teaching" aka HTBT to groups of new missionaries that came in last night. It is a section in Preach My Gospel about, get ready, How to Begin Teaching. hahahah It was a lot of fun, and we actually got a lot out of it and were able to recognize as a companionship things that we can improve on to better utilize HTBT into our lessons. I will definitely miss having my Sestra "Holls" by my side every hour of the day. I have loved the past two months getting to know and work with her!

Well, I am out of time for this week. I love you my family and friends! Thank you for all of the love and support. I know my savior lives! I know he hears our prayers and answers them inHis time.
Have a fantastic week and I will be talking to you for reals soon! :)

Láska Vždy,
Sestra Fred

Jumping for joy and the gift of flight plans. hehe 

​This is Sestra Donaldson. She started teaching us when Bratr Thompson left 2 weeks ago. She is the cutest thing ever. It was so nice having a Sister to relate to and ask advice! 

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